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War Room Intercession Training — Equipping of the Saints (Updated) — 12 Comments

  1. This is a highly valuable piece of content and I will definitely implement this in our church. Even if it is just me!!! Thank you so much for being an effective warrior in the Spirit. God bless you!!!

    • CJ What a blessing, that this outline can be used for God’s glory! Thank you so much for sharing this with me. God bless you

  2. To be perfectly honest, I’ve really had a battle about whether to post perfidious prophets or not. Thank you for your encouragement. I highly value response from the elders/apostles.

  3. Thanks again, Sr Joyce!
    Yeh ~ it’s a good reminder that Praise and Worship are the best weapons.
    We always need reminders!!!

  4. If my people….Intercession is the greatest need of all, especially to take a stand against the darkness in America and really everywhere that is abounding and deceiving even the very elect with the gross lies rooted in FEAR for fear is driving believers into deep unbelief and compromise. TO THOSE WHO HAVE EARS TO HEAR. it is time to open our ears to the Lord and shut our ears to the enemy. It is time to agree with God’s word and get out of agreement with the plan of the enemy to kill, steal and destroy. YES this was a NEEDED word to believers. Bless you..Sandi

  5. @ Michelle Gamblin Thank you so very much for sharing this! You are such an encouragement. This is confirmation. God bless you

  6. Once again THANK YOU for posting this. It has been my heart since being saved 12 years ago to be an intercessor for the church and friends and family. My sisters in Christ and I also met in a small room in our church and worshipped and prayed for our leaders. Your outline was also like ours here in California.

    On September 24th, the Holy Spirit led me to to that exact passage in 2 Chronicles 20:1–37 and He had me copy and paste it and keep it hidden on my Facebook timeline until He said I would understand why. Now it’s unhidden.

    I praise a mighty God who loves us and will always show us HIS hidden mysteries and I am very grateful you took the time Joyce to do this. If not for anyone else it is for me. Thank you GOD. Thank you JESUS. Thank you HOLY SPIRIT.

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