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Warning: A Strange & Silent War — 5 Comments

  1. Yes a war for our soul when we believe we are saved through faith but if we loose that faith what then ??? my faith in the purpose of my life and ways of the Lord in my life i know i made wrong choices but i felt so Punished and so desolate so attacked in the core of my soul (and through lies of the devil and attacks of people and great physical sufferings because of stress) but i have victory when singing praises and doing proclamations so true what you wrote and indeed when you tell christans its like they heard “another gospel” instead of the prosperity gospel
    I do not defend myself before the people and when they put my integrity and sound mind through the mud Jesus will take revenge and or judge sister nadine

  2. Praise the Lord, I am truly blessed with the end time message, that I have read indeed, this message is not heard in the present church services. Amen

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