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Warning: A Terrorist Attack on British Soil — 8 Comments

  1. Father I stand in the gap for Great Britain and place this land in Your Hands, cover them under the shadow of Your Wings.
    I ask You Father to take what the evil one means to destroy this great land, and before it even gets off the ground turn it for good instead. Release the Spirit of Conviction upon those with nefarious intentions.
    And Lord, have Mercy upon the Church. Empower Your people called by Your Name to pray. Lead us by Your Spirit Lord Jesus to pray before the Throne of Grace what You and Holy Spirit are praying.
    In Jesus Name.

  2. Thank you Lord for your warnings. On British soil but what are the other three nations? Thank you Veronica from Italy.

    • Jan,
      I think you will find that the four Nations mentioned are Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales, which together comprise “British soil”, or Great Britain.

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