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Warning America: More to be Revealed! — 4 Comments

  1. Dear sister, I usually like your writings and I share them with my wife. Today, however, it seems a little bit “Tiré par les cheveux” ” far-fetched” … Did you check your dream or vision with other brothers and sisters who work in the gifts of the Spirit ? Do we have to accept it as authentic just because you say so ? One more word: Stay away from numerology, please…  Que le Seigneur te bénisse et te garde ! Que le Seigneur fasse briller sur toi son visage, qu’il se penche vers toi ! Que le Seigneur tourne vers toi son visage, qu’il t’apporte la paix !’ (Nb 6, 24-26)

  2. I thank God that He has a devoted vessel who is fearless, bold and courageous in warning us of the things to come. We must pray like never before. I pray protection over you Apostle. I pray you remain well and healthy. I pray prosperity to get the word to all Nations. God bless your life…your family lives as well. I stand in prayer with you in Jesus name!

  3. Oh sister, God bless you mightily and sustain you in each and every need. May Our Lord wrap His arms and Holy Spirit around you to encourage, guide in clarity of wisdom and thought with expression.May you always know Yah peace of mind, as you rest in Him for His guidance and provision.
    My sincere gratitude for your faithfulness and honesty to us always.

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