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Warning: America’s Power Outages & An EMP — 12 Comments

  1. Am not a follower nor a believer in prophesies BUT the eventual danger of a catastrophic, almost continent wide EMP event is well known in military and intelligence circles.  Former intelligence chiefs James Clapper, John Brennan, and James Woolsey and more experts have all publicly acknowledged the reality and extremity of this danger.  Russia either intentionally or inadvertently shared their technology for a “Super EMP” warhead with North Korea in 2004, and such a weapon in low earth orbit (about 250 miles altitude) could quite conceivably destroy the US electrical grid from coast to coast.  The burst would generate about 200,000 volts of induced current for every meter (yes, meter) of unshielded electrical wire.  That would be 200 MILLION volts per kilometer … about 3 1/3 more current than has previously been assumed to be possible.  The result would be effectively irreversible for many months or years – no fuel, no food and no workable water systems after a short while.  No way to repair the infrastructure, in other words.  He upshot would be a society collapsed to primitive conditions in a state not dissimilar to the Cormack McCarthy novel “The Road” except for the absence of radioactivity tainted soil, water and air.
    There are very plausible scenarios that have been described by experts in which North Korea would actual do this in a case in which Kim Jong Un could be convinced he could win his two prime objectives (destruction of the US and reunification of the Korean peninsula under his own rule) regardless of the consequences to North Korean civilians and infrastructure.  Trump is playing RIGHT INTO at least one of these more plausible scenarios in his approach to North Korean “diplomacy”. There are other plausible scenarios in which Russia might do it and convincingly blame North Korea.  Putin would be quite pleased to have no more competition from the US and he would not care about the collateral damage.

  2. Our time is so attached to hollywood catastrophic twist on our future fear has come first thought for so long we’ve blocked gods love which should always come first (thought) thats why you and your husband were in the dark the true darkness of mind not letting the light that you have yourself waiting for you. Jesus is the same yesterday today and tomorrow the solid rock that (plane of existence Earth) always constant dont doubt that.

  3. We are in a war peoples.  Things aren’t getting better; they are getting worse.  And those countries that HATE Jews and Americans, tend to do us great harm. Iran had better stop flapping their guns and sit down OR ELSE! We have a president that is willing to defend our Nation! A big shout out to our President, Donald Trump!!!

  4. We’ve had two power outages in the last six weeks here in Hyannis, Ma.

    While I think an EMP event is likely in some capacity, the crumbling infrastructure is the more likely cause of both localized blackouts and the, IMHO, inevitable, chain reaction blackouts.

    Of concern, too, is the real possibility of either hackers from a foreign government, terrorist group, or just a bored kid getting into the computer system that controls the system. As we saw in the Merrimack valley gas explosions last year, all it takes is a “computer error” to wreak havoc. Weaponization of the infrastructure is a good possibility.

    With the increased hostility towards Christians, Jews, and conservatives in general, hostile forces in the government could hold our utilities hostage until we “take the mark of the beast”. Food supplies and medicines/medical treatment will be another opportunity for them to leverage their agendas.

    Be prepared.

  5. Gotta die from something. But not an emp. Probably gonna be your neighbor in that case cuz… darwinisim… Going with darwinisim!

      • The contents should be wrapped in nonconductive material inside the steel ammo box and a copper lead soldered to the outside of the box and attached to either a grounding rod or other metalic object. Dr. Arthur T. Bradley wrote a book entitled, EMP Attacks and Solar Storms. It teaches and shows how to prepare for them.

  6. I believe an EMP will happen. It’s not a question if but a when!!!
    My company has created solutions to survive an EMP.

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