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Warning Dream for America and The Church! — 4 Comments

  1. True, the American church has fallen from its place through the last 40 years. But God is answering our prayers,as multitudes have cried out to Him. An example is Roe vs Wade being overturned. The awakening is happening right before our eyes and God is pouring out His Spirit in America once again. This is not the end, but a new beginning as Netanyahu and Trump will both be placed back into their seats. It’s not the time yet for the doom and gloom, but for righteousness to rule once again.

  2. American churches have been corrupted for a very long time this is not recent ever since I became a Christian I have never been in a church but maybe one to the taught true doctrine
    It’s been deteriorating for decades.
    Over and over again churches have been called to repentance and the church that I’ve been in has.
    But the Lord‘s hand is stretched out still and many have repented and are repenting spirit of burning is upon his people now the glory is here in the burning in the convicting in the suffering that the church would be perfected, at least that part that is willing to repent.
    There is such prayerlessness in most of the church.
    They have left their first love but God is bringing them back and wearing them back now yes it will be through hard times, but that seems the only way that people who are stubborn and self-centered and self-sufficient will learn.
    There is great hope for America yet because he is coming like a mighty Rushing Wind to his church

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