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Warning Dream: War on Two Fronts — 3 Comments

  1. Elizabeth so glad I read your post. I similarly have had many disturbing dreams and visions of things of this type.

    Still I love how you gave hope, “These are ungodly times that we are facing….and if it wasn’t for The FATHER, The LORD JESUS and The HOLY SPIRIT, there would be NO hope!
    However, we belong to the KINGDOM OF GOD, and we serve a MIGHTY KING..

    We must prepare spiritually, and not bury our head in the sand! Still God is still God! He will most definitely see us through all things. The other part stood of your message, was to pray for a spirit of repentance, etc. God bless you

  2. This is most likely a warning for a few years into the future with the rise of the antichrist, the bible says the first seal is peace taken from the earth, meaning world war 3 as the antichrist goes out to conquer the earth. By then, those who are wise will be in places of safety (arks) like Bo Polny and Lois Vogel Sharp have been prophesying about for years.

  3. Elisabeth, yes, if it was not for the Lord there would be no hope. But He has said “we are expecting better days” which is encouraging.

    But times has allways been ungodly, it is only more obvious now during the final and painful separation between good an evil.

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