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Warning Dreams: Aliens; Fallen Angels; Nephilim and Giants! — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you for sharing your experiences from God. Like you said and many alert believers agree, I think more and more demonic forces from the second heaven are influencing the world more directly than ever before. You seem to explain those so well. It is clear that we entered so-called Noah’s time. My husband and I lived in Oklahoma city from 2004 to 2005. At that time, I experienced a series of supernatual phenomena for the first time. First, a few days after I started to live there, so many evil spirits tried to take my body to the air with whilwinds.  Second, I couldn’t sleep due to a hovering object over my house. It felt like UFO, which sent frequencies toward me, so I chased them away with Jesus’ name and his blood. It lasted for about seven days and disappeared after that. Spiritual experiences usually occur in my REM sleeping. Third, in my trance vision a huge tornado was sweeping away all the buildings in my university. And a big mass of bright light came down from the heaven and after I took a ride, flying high for some time until everything is calm down and still. Somebody guided me into the light. I could feel he was Jesus in spirit.
    Fourth, the Holy spirit shouted me a fast way directly in an urgent situation and I followed the route “Kilpatric turn pipe” and was able to graduate on time. Interestingly, the same things happened in a row for 17 years after I came back to Korea. From the experiences, I got to learn about the concept of witchcraft/demonic cycles and their activities and the fact that the evil spirits use people as a mediator. Also, I realized that there was a hierarchy in spiritual warfare. Lastly, nonetheless God is helping His people overcome all the hardships and obstacles. He always makes us a way to get out of them and prepares a victory for us as long as we endure with faith. I believe God is waking His people up right now. Praise the Lord.

  2. The Lord has had be preaching on ‘spirits’ and “THE SPIRIT” which is our ministries’ theme for 2024. I’ve learnt from this post. Still studying on the Nephilims, fallen angels, demons… I rely on the guidance of The Holy Spirit of God. Amen.  Thank you.

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