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  1. Thank you Veronica for sharing your heart desire as a prophet of the Lord
    I hear and see you cry before the Lord and Gods Ekklesia all those that need more detail is only to pick out only the Holy Spirit can show us the agreement of the spirit so just keep preaching and proclaiming the truth been seeing and praying for 50 years

  2. A heart felt thank you for posting this comment a billion blessings over you Veronica for your courage and precision of word of God. I’m an elder lived and been a Christian a very long time. I’ve sat n watched in my nation across the pond let alone others and been grieved and felt grief of Lord ***so intensely** over this issue in prophetic movement….that seemingly came to a head in last 3 years especially. Every time I’ve gone before the Lord to ask what is the solution….He keeps telling me His love for all, goodwill n supernatural peace for all men, FEAR of the Lord, back to Gospel basics, restoration of HIS Truth, knowing our Bible cover to cover word for word precept to precept, repentance, forgiveness, serving others everything He is and keeping our eyes on Him…essentially the ***restoration***of ***His holy priesthood*** w/in our ranks is the solution. Especially within His beloved prophetic ranks!! Mega thanks for speaking the raw truth…its needed to released n heard for a very long time now!! I PRAY your word works as Lord’s blessed surgeons knife to restore us all!! Mega big love n blessings!! Rene’ Bonomi

  3. A voice calling in the wilderness.. I am not sure if God is grieved or angry, He knew from the beginning that this would happen. I however believe that the remnant, the unsung heroes, who, like John the Baptist, deliberately make themselves less that Christ might be greater are treasured by our Father. I believe more than two million left Egypt, but only two of them entered the promised land. In the days of Elijah and the prophets of Baal, when Elijah felt he was the only one who believed in Elohim. He was corrected by and advised by God that He had reserved 7,000 for Himself. Seven thousand in what, 3-4 million people who were God’s inheritance? With the so called “believing” church of today, I suspect that the number may well be similar, something in the order of 2-3% of all believers will actually be proven to be worthy. No one knows, but I do know that as one seeks to lift Christ higher at the expense of self, one is left with very few Christian friends, those who understand..  Spiritually speaking it is a very lonely walk.

  4. Everything that isn’t connected with the character of YAHshua is semi-frivolous at best…
    The only currency today is YAHshua’s character in actions and permeating everything isn’t cutting it…

    5-FOLD folks and everyone in the pew is past time to stopping the “hidden” sins so that we’ll bring Him Glory…
    There’s a lost world dying and religion doesn’t save anyone just divisiveness and separation and competition…

    Must the fuel must be the King YAHshua raised up higher than ours and denominational bull and traditions of men…

  5. thanks Veronika. I hear many complaints that there are no real prophets today but instead false prophets. Now some of this is due to not understanding what Paul wrote as being the function of prophets (comfort,edify,admonish, exhort) so if a word is from God but not palatable to the hearers it’s dismissed as false. But they do have a point that there are far too many operating in carnality or deception by spirits in the kingdom of darkness all the while professing to be speaking for God. I pray your word here gets spread far and wide and that God will use it to cause a great re examination in His body resulting in purification.I myself have noticed that some “prophets” don’t follow scriptural guidelines for dealing with differences or conflicting views.

  6. I presume lack of specific details associated with this rebuke is meant as caution and circumspection. But as one who reads this without understanding of the context that prompted the rebuke, its hard to know what to do with it. It also opens up the danger of mis-applying the rebuke to the wrong circumstances.

    In short, the greater the detail of context, the more helpful for understanding the word.

  7. True Words of God, which always begins at home first in our own temples.

    I often think of the song about, “Not my brother or my sister, but its me… oh Lord, standing in the need of prayer.”

    Thank you Veronica for posting.
    May our hands be and stay clean! May our hearts be and stay pure!
    God bless you,

  8. Humility is truly Key.
    An “ALL or none” decision must happen.
    Judging the fruit by the Spirit of humility, which stands in the face of religion without backing down.
    It’s the True Garment of Christ Himself.
    The world can’t understand it.
    It’s dross, but void of lust.
    It only seeks to make the Father known to his deceived and wounded children.
    We are rising up!! And we will have, from the Center-out, the Image of Christ…WITHOUT A MASK!!! :)

  9. Amen, amen, amen,! I’ve been praying and waiting for someone to stand up and call out what’s happening in the church, leadership and prophetic speaking. God is calling for repentance and change. Judgement is at the door. God bless you Veronica.

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