WARNING! ISIS Coming to America


I head the message of Warning given by Rick Joyner last year in September concerning A TROUBLING DREAM about ISIS Coming to America, crossing over the Southern [Southeast and Southwest] border of Mexico.  I do not believe I had ever heard Brother Joyner more shaken than he was as he spoke about his troubling dream.  He was viably shaken and very concerned as he spoke.   We had sit down and listened, [back then] to his message [linked below] and sit stunned by the force of it.

***((( Since that day of first hearing Rick Joyner’s Dream Warning, several things have transpired to BRING IT BACK TO MY ATTENTION AND CONSIDERATION TODAY, and the URGENCY TO POST IT HERE ON MY PAGE:

FIRST – I have noticed something taking place here in New Mexico with the Federal Land.  It was in the news earlier this year, that HUNDREDS MORE OF ACRES OF PUBLIC LANDS WOULD BE PUT OFF LIMITS to the public in Southern New Mexico near the Organ Mountains.  President Obama had again used his executive powers to move to set hundreds of acres of land which would be closed to the public.   This additional closure of Public Lands did upset many and cause many to wonder why they needed more land when they already have much land in NM that is used for military purposes.  Is there something going on in this area that prompted the president to set this land aside?

SECOND – I have read the reports about the Bundy Ranch Standoff in Nevada and the dispute with the BLM authorities.  That event has caused MUCH DISPUTE to arise with the States and land use.   I have taken note that almost all the States that have public Lands administered by the BLM have expressed their decision to regain the control over Public land from the Federal Government [because it is State Land to begin with and should be managed by the States].   This is an ongoing dispute yet unsettled that I know of at this writing.

THIRD – The Immigration problem [on the SOUTHERN BORDER] that has arisen from the crossing over out of Mexico thousands of illegal immigrants and others.  The illegal passage of Immigration Laws [unconstitutional] by President Obama without the vote and consideration of Congress.  All this has caused a LOT OF DISPUTE AND CONTENTION with the Border States and the Federal Government, which has still not done anything to help close the southern border of the United States.  This one dispute has caused more debate than almost any other and has caused many concerned Americans to think the President has acted alone and not in the best interest of the People in this Country.  This dispute and the OPEN BORDER is still unresolved at this writing.

FORTH –  I read a news report coming form some Watchman news that there was an ISIS Camp just 8 miles from El Paso, across the border into Mexico.  I said, That is just 235 miles south of here!!!  I wondered if it was true.  I began to pray about it and Celeste as well, and we begin to hear warning words.  The Lord said:  THEY ARE PLANNING TERRIBLE THINGS NOT FAR FROM YOU RIGHT NOW

FIFTH – The growing DISCONTENT OF AMERICAN PEOPLE WITH THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.  I have watched as the President continues to act alone and defiant of the People.  The fact that even after elections of new leaders at mid terms which promised to deal with a rogue president and still nothing has been done or accomplished to stop his illegal acts, has caused GROWING AND TOTAL DISTRUST OF THE PEOPLE WITH THEIR GOVERNMENT.

SIXTH -The issue of Homosexuality and Marriage in America is seen as a THREAT TO RELIGIOUS FREEDOM.  One only needs to read the news to know that there is a growing discontent in this country.  Many feel that their freedom has been taken from them because of the over rule of Federal Judges to pass ARBITRATION against any person who will not agree with the Federal Laws being passed for Gay Rights.  States have voted against the redefining of Marriage [to allow the granting of marriage license to gay couples] only to be voted down by federal judges.  This issue has caused the CONTENTION that the States power to rule has been set aside by the Federal Government and is being forced upon the Citizens of America.  This is an override of power and is causing a GREAT DEBATE AND DIFFICULTY. 

SEVENTH – The rising of MANY VOICES in America [in GOP and Independent Presidential hopeful’s] has caused a growing distance between the present administration and the American People.    The air in America is filled with much distrust and speech which is pointing fingers at the large federal government and the president.  The issue is NOT JUST LEADERSHIP but is a CONSTITUTIONAL DEBATE ABOUT FREEDOM OF THE PEOPLE IN AMERICA.  This is a present problem and one that is still unresolved.

EIGHTH  – The fact that PERSECUTION AGAINST CHRISTIANS HAS INCREASED TO AN UNEQUALED DEGREE IN THE HISTORY OF THIS COUNTRY.  Many today are thinking they are LOOSING THEIR RELIGIOUS FREEDOM TO WORSHIP GOD OPENLY and are greatly concerned.  There seems to be a total disregard of this problem by the administration and president.  This is a presently GROWING CONCERN and one that is still not resolved at this writing.

NINTH –  The reports of Jade Helm 15 and many who are concerned about WHAT IS THE REASON FOR A MILITARY FORCE IN THE SOUTHERN STATES, beginning in July and going through September this year.  I begin to read the announcement for this military exercise and the conspiracy theories concerning it.   I begin to read about the closing of some 50 Wallmart Stores [on sudden impulse and without proper notice] and the speculation concerning their closing.  There is MUCH DEBATE concerning the reasons.  Of course the present administration argues that there is nothing amiss while many are thinking the worst.

There are other things, such as: ABORTION BY DEMAND FORCED UPON TAXPAYERS,…..  and an Administration that is turning away from Israel, also an Administration that insist upon aiding terrorist countries like Iran without Congressional vote,  that should be mentioned, but I believe ALL these reasons do point out that there IS A GROWING PROBLEM IN THIS COUNTRY WHICH ARE PROMPTING DIFFICULT TIMES AHEAD.  As I listen to the TIMES AND VOICES and test the spirit in this Nation, I fully know that unless something happens, this Nation will cease to be Free America and will undergo a great Falling Down.

I want you all to listen to this Video message by Rick Joyner [Prophetic Voice in America] and see how it is now A VERY REAL REALITY TO HAPPEN:

Urgent Warning ISIS Coming to America – Rick Joyner

Published on Sept 22, 2014 

Rick Joyner shares the troubling dream he had Thursday night about ISIS’s plans in America and how martial law may save us.  Click BELOW to Listen:

* * * * * 

This word has been given in obedience as a Prophet speaking to these times.  IT IS  SPIRIT AND UNDERSTANDING OF TODAY AS I AM LED BY HIS SPIRIT.   I pray that all who have ears to hear will hear and eyes to see will see.  That this will cause CHRISTIANS EVERYWHERE TO CALL UPON THE LORD FOR HELP IN THESE DAYS OF GREAT TROUBLE. 

I do now Join in with the expressed desires of Rick Joyner to PRAY FOR THIS COUNTRY with urgency and fervor.  I pray that the events foretold by Rick Joyner will not happen because of the many prayers of God People to intervene and bring about enlightenment and revival in this Nation to curb these growing problems. 

I also concur with the suggestions given by Brother Joyner [in the latter part of this video above] as to what we can do to prepare for and or Stop these events from claiming many lives of many people in this Nation. 


~ Desert Prophet Ken Dewey

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