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  1. part 2 The church will exit the earth not because of the devil but because of the word of God . There will be people who do not take part in this event, people who in the midst of tremendous revival and outpouring were busy with other things see Luke 14. Now think hard if you are the one left because of your lack of wanting to be led by God s Spirit and you were in a nation that did not restrict the gospel movement in fact you were in a nation that was the one spearheading the revival but you chose YOU CHOSE to busy yourself with other more important things! How would you be described in prophecy what exactly makes a whore, why does a person sell themselves “MONEY” not that money is evil but loving it is, therefore, the term WHORE OF BABYLON people from sheep nations who are busy with their own lives not discerning the time they were living in and miss the RAPTURE, and to this point, their seems to be people who cannot open there bibles and see this truth which is also puzzling

  2. Okay if we consider the 4 empires mentioned in the Daniel image and think about human dna the mixing of one nation with another and we consider more elements miry clay and potters clay being added to the mix humans are all made from one blood but turmoil is created by picking out external differences or history and exploiting these. There are no new elements being added to mankind just technology that demon-inspired people take a hold of as a means of controlling others the removal of free will and free choice. True Christianity is a person who LETS JESUS TAKE OVER EVERY MEMBER OF THEIR PERSON who overcomes all the power of the enemy like Jesus. Some people tend to think that God built the earth wrong not enough supply, that the devil is to powerful and God is just going to get a few people to Heaven out of this massive project called earth. Some people who label themselves as Christian want judgment and destruction they do not see a harvest at all. God is the lord of the harvest and for one to think that the earth is filled with 7 to 8 billion souls and God s plan is to burn it down seems like a very lame interpretation of prophecy.

  3. Hello sister, I am so blessed to read your post. I have been saying this for a while now and people didn’t want to listen that we are here. We are in the Tribulation but many do not want to see because we have not been taken yet. The Euphrates River has dried up, the Revelation 12:1-3 constellation has taken place, the first seal with the Corona virus was broken on 27th December 2019, the covenant with many has been signed (Daniel 9:27) and Trump signed this treaty. The 70 Nations Noahide Covenant is what is going to have our heads. So happy someone said something and God has blessed you with the knowledge if knowing this and telling the world about it. Just wow ❤️ God bless you ❤️

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