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Warning! The Devised Plan of Coup D’etat — 1 Comment

  1. Thank you Lord Jesus for protection
    I had a vision too, that was August 5th. I saw a piece of land, a piece of the soil was taken up like with a spoon. This piece was like a round flat bread, underneath was a small black spot. This black spot now spread out with insects on the side from under, then on to the other side as well till it was full. After that, the insects began to fly about to the surroundings and glued to the surfaces. I took this as a warning to take refuge under God’s mighty wings and waited for “time to send out”. This came today.
    Of course we can be happy and joyful AND express it, I myself am in a joyful season filled with blessings from Abba God. This season is one of the seasons in my life that is so filled with deeply touching blessings, thankfulness and happiness. Of course we can hope in God’s promises! In fact, we can trust no one else but God. God bless you and give you deeply touching blessings as well. Lucia Ludvigsen

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