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Warning: The Hordes of Hell Have Been Released — 4 Comments

  1. God & Jesus called peter satan in matt 16:23; mark 8:33; Judas a devil in John 6:70 and mankind the devil in Heb.2:14 and called people serpents when you look up man, Adam in Strong’s it will tell you he is red. John tells us in the book of revelation about a great red dragon and says he is the serpent, satan, the devil whom God, Jesus calls mankind old man Adam

  2. There is strength enough in a single soul fully committed to God to repel all the forces of Hell. How much stronger will we be when we stand together and fight. We are well able and equipped to set the hordes of hell to flight. Not by might nor by power but by my Spirit says the Lord. We cannot do it without the Spirit of God, but with the Spirit we are impossibly strong. Put aside your fear and suit up in the armor of God and with your brothers and sisters stride out to meet them and send them back to where they came from.

  3. Praise God!, this morning I had a dream of an evil red glow in the night sky and the moon looked like a pool of blood, and a knowing in my spirit that monsters had come upon the earth and were physically lurking in the darkness, then a pit was opened and three particular demons came out and attacked people and two of them chased after me. I asked the lord what this was about and found this had been posted recently.

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