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Warning: The Mark of the Beast — 4 Comments

  1. We must learn to communicate via the unction of the Holy Spirit for all things…possibly a barter system will be establised by the Body of Christ as a whole…His Word says HE leads us and provides…so we must have sharp spiritual ears and a very sold-out, loving heart for YESHUA only. We haven’t walked this way before, but we know the one to follow.

  2. Thank you ABBA Father for ALWAYS Giving Your People A WAY of Escape! Help us Holy Spirit to be prepared for WHAT Is To Come!☝

  3. What do you feel God is telling you as what to do especially with money and banking and how to pay for taxes and your heating and electricity?

    • We may have to pray for God to give us property in the countryside and teach us about living with nature.

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