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  1. Saints, keep praying Stand strong in the Lord ! :D We are salt and light to the lost . The widows the orphans . The hurting . Repent and forgive one another . Close all doors to the enemy .  Speak kind words .  Strife is from enemy.  Be still and know he is God . Amen shalom :D <

  2. AMEN! GOD’S Word is TRUE! Prophecy is Being Fulfilled before our very eyes! The enemy has & IS STILL deceiving so many! The ONE TRUE & LIVING GOD is Going to Judge ALL Forms of sin -evil!‼️☝

  3. You said it all clearly. Only the Lord knows what lay ahead….but surely…we need to be prayed up, trusting Him, looking up. Our Redemption draweth nigh. shalom

  4. So well spoken, Stephen, “For the powers that be are wrapping-up their plans”. Thanks for sharing so timely1 Blessings, Sandi Holman

  5. The Biden Administration is opening the eyes of many to his agenda which has brought much corruption unlike any other in history. This wicked leadership will be judged.

    • Nancy, if the next administration is who I think it may be, then be fore-warned, because the loss of freedom, the very change in the constitution, and the beast system, will totally do away with any semblance of what America is. Watch and wait.

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