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  1. Interesting confirmation, the Moon, one of the faithful witnesses, was in the scales of Libra (earth weighed and found wanting) over this last full moon, which was a supermoon, a red moon and also there was a lunar eclipse, all this was on the 2nd Passover, a Sabbath… I understand Russia is in the prophecy of Gog, so v interesting times afoot PLUS we are at the beginning of a new Age, the age of Aquarius, so there is a heavenly spiritual Reset, (hence the ‘great reset’ the nwo are working with, alas they understand the times n seasons of God but pervert things with their knowledge, Jesus said the children of the world are more aware than us, His children) the age of knowledge of the glory of God as the waters cover the seas… Jesus’ age was the Piscean, hence all His fish references… Much for the Body of Christ to know and work with and on… Come Lord Jesus! We welcome Your Spirit!

  2. Yes, Veronika, Stephen Jones has talked about this coming into play.  I thank you so much for verifying this Truth.  Sue

  3. I think we need to be really careful not to try to interpret scripture too rigidly or too far in advance of the actual events.
    The religious leaders at the time of the birth and ministry of their longed for Messiah failed to recognise the first coming of Jesus because it didn’t “fit” their expectations.
    The parable of the 10 virgins is a prophetic warning of how many will find themselves at the time of the second coming. You are right. We need to be looking to Jesus and but we also need to ensuring our lamp oil doesn’t run out and that we are prepared for the unexpected, whatever way the Lord allows the last days to evolve.
    As a very young child I had a vivid dream about the return of Christ coming from the sky. I didn’t see Him but in the dream I knew He was about to appear in the heavens. My heart sank because I wasn’t expecting Him and I wasn’t ready.
    The Lord gave me a personal confirmation of the parable of the 10 virgins. At a time when I was far too young to have any knowledge of what the scriptures say about the second coming of Christ.
    As I always say, if He came once, He could come again and take a lot more people by surprise than He did the first time.
    He came as a baby and was born in a stable, the “Servant King”. Scripture appears to predict the second coming will be as “Victorious Lord” and will be witnessed throughout the earth. The “wise virgins” will be just as surprised as everyone else but the difference is that they will be ready.

  4. Part 2 of 2

    He will take His land and His people unto himself. This is our king. He does not run from the injustice. He goes before it and builds a road for his people to retreat into his arms. The rapture is a concept of escaping the troubles and the trials that lie before us. This is a weak concept. Our God is bigger and stronger than our foes and will lead his people into battle to overcome sin. Overcome weakness. Overcome what the devil has stole. He will take his rightful place and restore what once was. This is our king. He fights. He is strong. He is victorious. He will not bow to sin. He will not stop fighting. He is KING!

  5. I am a widowed pastors wife from Minnesota..I wish you would explain how the new Kingdom era fits in with the 7 year trib..Gog Magog..and the rapture..people say it’s going to get worse..you speak of it getting better..I highly respect Gods work and direction in your life..We want revival..wishing clarity…and would really appreciate your thinking on this…Julie

    • The implications from many of her previous posts are that it is simultaneous as the weight of His glory ushers in revival while crushing evil.

      • I was born in 1947..schooled in prophecy through my grandmother..I know what it is like to hear God talk to me. I’ve been praying “darkness to light” For years and am in reverence to Christ seeing how this is now happening. The Ukraine war may be a training camp for the Church. I don’t know when the Gog Magog war will happen..but realize that the Church will be part of that battle in prayer. We/I have so much to learn..it will be a global revelation of Gods presence and power. If/when it happens. God is the only one who can reveal himself.  Julie

    • 2 Timothy 3:14-17
      The importance of focus.. (scripture)..reaffirming prophecy..not talking about intellectualism..

    • The churches understanding of the end times is completely wrong. My understanding is limited to just a few things Jesus has shared with my family. The kingdom of heaven is growing and will continue to grow until it takes over the earth. This will take generations, but it has started. We are not leaving this war, we are going to fight and win. We don’t leave the earth in any kind of rapture. Jesus prayed “thy kingdom come on earth”. Which actually is a prophecy of things to come. That era is upon us. Jesus is the Kingdom of heaven. We are being led into a time of battle. In this new era we are to follow our king. Not the church leaders of today. Jesus is coming home to take his people by the hand and lead them towards holiness. We are embarking on an eternal journey. Where he will lead us individually. The kingdom of heaven will grow and consume the whole earth. Jesus will grab whole families. And lead them generation-ally. Jesus is looking for those who do not love their own lives. But are willing to surrender to his ways. He is taking his people away from the self-righteous church and delivering his people unto himself. He is the true king who reigns for all eternity. Let none mistake his identity. He who rides the white horse. He is true and just.  Part 1 of 2

      • Totally agree with you Bryan! The Stone Kingdom Daniel 2. Strikes the image and becomes a great mountain and fills the WHOLE EARTH!

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