Watch for Prayers of Divination and Damnation!

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Spiritually – Something Big is Brewing!

I’m listening, paying close attention.  There is something brewing there is a apprehension, an alert in my spirit, as if something big is going to happen.

There is so much activity in the spiritual atmosphere taking place and The LORD is saying some things are being redirected and rushed, to be put in their proper place for His will to be done.

He is restoring the order that has been knocked out of place, because of the disobedient and rebellious servants that decided to do their own thing.

There is prophetic pressure in the atmosphere that is erupting causing manifestation of what was spoken to take place.  Unusual, abrupt, sudden blessings shall appear and spontaneous miracles shall occur.

I keep hearing good reports of healings, reversings of diagnoses, that stated sickness and diseases that people would have to live with all their life, or death sentences, because of cancers, heart diseases, lung diseases, kidney STDs that have no cure.

God is working on major situations in the government, Church, families, marketplace.  The economic shakedown will be major for some, but minor for others.

I’m yet troubled about a dream were I saw these large war-craft flying overhead, but when I was trying to tell the people to run for cover, they couldn’t see what I was showing them, so they continued doing what they were doing, and was not prepared for the air strike, even though their were military personal all around.

Prepare people and be watchful in this hour.  I keep hearing a surprise attack.  We must be on spiritual alert so that we can hear from God so we can escape the plans of the enemy.

I’m praying!

Watch for Prayers of Divination and Damnation!

People, it’s good to listen to the voice of God at all times, especially whenever anybody is praying for you.  I’m sitting here and the Spirit of God spoke and said, “Watch out for prayers of divination and damnation.”

Some persons may contact you with a pretense of praying against things The LORD showed them concerning you, when in fact, they are using a reversal.

They will speak things that are not happening in your life, like they are seeing it, when in reality they are calling these disasters trials and situations to you.

I’m very cautious of persons who are always seeing somebody trying to do something to me, or start calling out different sickness or death, every time they have something to say to me.

I started being watchful because I started seeing that things will be going alright until they speak, and then trouble will arise.

Not long ago, somebody said The LORD put me on their heart and they wanted to pray and they started praying, before I could tell them it was okay, as they open their mouth, the Spirit of God showed me them reading the words out of a book, with some candles burning.

Immediately I begin to go into warfare and as I begin to go into the Spirit, they started choking and purging.  People, it’s important that you be careful who you allow to pray for you.

This person thought because I knew them, that they could catch me off guard, because many times to people, it seems as if I’m not paying attention, but I can be sleep and my spirit is yet alert.

Being discerning is a must now especially for those of you that are being used in this hour to set order to challenge false prophets and apostles to stand and cry out against sin and evil.  You have to walk in the Spirit and have the ability to hear the voice of God at all times.

Don’t be thrown off by false pretenses of people being concerned about you or saying they trying to protect you spiritually.  God will definitely show you who your true intercessors are in this hour and those assigned to set up a garrison of prayer around you.

Don’t dismiss that still small voice that tells you that something doesn’t seem right as the enemy often people are overtaken by workers of evil because they judge them from their emotions and natural eyesight.  Fasting and praying staying in God’s presence keeps you in a place of awareness of what’s going on in the atmosphere.

Stay alert the enemy has many tricks but God will not let you be ignorant of satan devises and in the dark about his plans.  He will reveal to you the strategy of the enemy so that you won’t be destroyed or deceived!  This day is important because satan wants you to go out empty but God is setting in motion a life for you that will be full of His goodness.

He is truly shifting the atmosphere for greatness!

Child Stealing Rings

Some of these churches and ministries are nothing but child stealing rings!

All the spiritual children you have are stolen from somebody else.  Then some are illegally adopted you paid for them by promising them positions titles promotions fame fortune.  Be sure your spiritual children are with the right parents!

After all you don’t want God to have to visit you to remove a spiritual child that doesn’t belong to you!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and she is on a mission travelling the world proclaiming the Gospel for soul to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has a mandate on her life to help brings others to their divine purpose.

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