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  1. I do not know who you are but I sense, I know, you must have gone through worst men made hell, too, Yes, the players do their games for entertainment, they have so much money and power to bring others down or to kill them in many ways, like Corrie ten Boom once witnessed. The tools they have nowadays they use through 24/7/365 electronic surveillance, sending horrific threats and mockery, using private photos whenever they want, mocking your letters, your songs, reading your intimate words, chasing you nonstop over many years and letting you know, they come in and out your private home whenever they want.  The good news: OUR GOD has observed them, HE is watching them too ! He has heard and recorded their destructive plans and doings ! He will bring justice and He surely will bring them into a place where they belong for all their evil. Those to whom He will grant mercy, will have to bow down before Him and before His people whom they have tortured. HIS WORD IS HOLY AND TRUE.

  2. Thank you!!!!  This word is right on target for me..it was tailor made for me.. I take it..Everyday when I read your post.. it’s like I am sitting at the table with Jesus and He is speaking to me in person..once again..a very heartfelt thanks to you for this timely word this morning..

  3. They do not believe in anything so everything is open game for them,including destroying others for entertainment. They think their actions and intentions of the heart won’t be searched out and exposed. They don’t understand that the evil they love to dish out will recoil onto their own heads and into their very lives. They are to be greatly pitied because it is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the living God.
    Micah 4:12 But they do not know the thoughts of the LORD or understand His plan, for He has gathered them like sheaves to the threshing floor.

    • I want to add that they are “believing” they can do lawlessness. I waited until today to publish what and who they are. They think they are Chaldeans with the right to hunt and to torture GOD’s people. They have torn out one special page from my Bible. I read in my other Bible what the have stolen. Behold ! It is Nahum 3 and Habakuk 1. You may see what they think who I am and who they are. Ezekiel 25 proofs them WRONG. They act in unrelentless revenge. This is their madness: Hate and revenge, lawless acts against GOD’s people. His mercies are new every morning for us, but our enemies – they are no friends, they are bad terrible enemies because of all what they’ve done – our enemies have never mercy on anybody who is not in their club. Brothers and sisters who read this: I know they need love, I know they need help. Can you imagine how often MY GOD told me, not to pray for them any longer ? I have done thousands of good works and words for this country. I trust day and night for the protection of MY STRONG AND MIGHTy GOD. When more heavy judgments overtake the earth, when He finally takes His people home, then they will know who I am and who MY GOD is !

  4. Praises to GOD ALMIGHTY WHO WAS AND IS AND IS TO COME! Ireceive believe accept this in Jesus Holy name! Amen. Thank you FATHER GOD!
    God Bless and keep you and make His face shine upon you!

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