Watch! The Whirlwind of Elijah Comes in Power! — 6 Comments

  1. Such an awesome,awe-inspiring word!! Hallelujah!!! Even so, come Lord Jesus!! I too have seen similar things in dreams and visions the Lord has given me but not in as much revelation as this prophetic insight. The Lord has shown me:
    1. I was beside a mighty rushing river going thru the land, I walked beside this river, following its path;
    2. I saw myself blowing the Shofar, I knew it was a battle cry;
    3.  I saw a magnificent and powerful lion coming up out of the ocean..the lion was going full force towards the land in power and might, with determination..the ocean was the Holy Spirit and the Lion..Jesus..the lion of the tribe of Judah;
    4. I saw a magnificent stairway going from earth up to heaven..there were scores of angels dressed in white,on both sides of the stairway..they were looking up..the king is coming and the angels wait in expectation and anticipation at His coming!
    During this time of fasting and praying, these are just a few of the dreams and visions I have been receiving!! Praise God!! Behold, He comes!! The bride must make herself be ready!!

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