Watch Word 2015 (by Lance Wallnau)


The Year to a CLEAR PATH!

This is a year when the Hebrew numbers of the past years come together for you.  Camels that have been connecting resources and vision are aligning through spiritual gates and doors have opened for you to go through…. now comes an interesting test.


One test I have seen that does more damage than anything is the test of activity.  More on your plate means more texts, calls, emails and meetings.  I always admired how Jesus went to prayer and came back with instructions to “strike the camp, we’re moving on.”  The disciples were consistently flabbergasted at how Jesus was wiling to move on from a successful event.

Success breeds opportunity and opportunity breeds diffusion if you don’t have a clear goal in mind.  To have more you need to do less.  LESS of the fruitful things and MORE of the MOST FRUITFUL things.


Delayed vision and disrupted provision is often the final phase of a refiners fire.  Nothing it seems causes the impurity to rise like being ready, having gone through the fire and passed the test and then – feeling like you are put on a shelf to cool down while others are free to run.

This test can help us redefine our season and assignment like nothing else.  “Don’t settle for less when your heart cries out for more” is a random quote from a message given by my friend Dr. Chironna – and I never forgot it.  Here is a powerful promise from Jesus “What I do now you do not understand but afterward you shall.”

YOU ARE JUST ONE “WORD” away from a breakthrough!

It’s a beautiful thing to do all you know how to do and then simply “STAND” trusting God. Real faith is anchored in a promise from God and supported by nothing else than the integrity of His Word. Find the “word” that covers your situation and linger over it until faith rises up.  You need no other evidence. The key is to BELIEVE in the OUTCOME but keep your hands off the PROCESS getting to the PROVISION.

Jesus was telling Peter that the foot washing would make sense shortly.  He was giving the EXPERIENCE before the TEACHING.  Sometimes God takes you through the situation and explains it all afterward.

Either way…. you are on board a living church in a time when heaven and hell are colliding and the prayers of 6000 years of saints are combining together like a cloud burst and releasing a later rain for an harvest in places unexpected in previous years.

You are on the front line….

Happy 5776 New Year!

Lance Wallnau

Lance WallnauLance Wallnau



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