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Watchman’s Alert on the Red Dragon — 6 Comments

  1. Dear sister Ava, thanks for sharing that dream with us. The Lord confirms to me that it is a prophetic dream, and if you’re interested, this is the interpretaion the Holy Spirit has given me. The red dragon symbolises Satan, while the golden egg represents the coming birth of the New World Order, the golden age of the Illuminati/ Freemasons/occult. This is the brith of the new race of beings, who wilingly choose to follow the New World Order and their master, the red dragon.

    Many will become infused with the spirit of the Antichrist, and oppose the Gospel of the One True Saviour, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. This egg birthing symbolism has also been portrayed in recent times through the musical acts of Illuminati artistes, such as Lady Gaga. Let us be ready, for the short-lived golden age of the New World Order will commence as soon as the church age of grace and mercy ends. Please seek the Lord’s confirmation regarding this interpretation personally.


  2. Dear sister Johanna, thank you for sharing that heartfelt message. I stand in agreement with you. May the Lord’s Will be done in our lives, and may we always remember that the battle belongs to the LORD! (1 Samuel 17:47)


  3. Today, there is a deep calling to Deep..to God to do what He needs to do. A groaning of His Spirit that intercedes from my inside, Who talks and intercedes on my-our behalf. I praise Him for sending us Help. I know He is calling forth Gods plan and purposes for me-us as we dont know what exactly it s that we need or have to ask for at this moment. Like being in the desert and seeing no way out and no people…but knowing He is there with us and will help. Know that He is the way out and only He will do it…make the way. But in this time, Lord God Most High come and baptise…wash…refresh…anoint…soak…fill…fragrance and come cloth us with Yourself so that…as we come out and go out and come out and come forth…we will be clothed with You inside out…with Your authority, gentleness, Love, Presence etc…and when this happens…when we meet the world and go forth in the marketplaces and streets, that we will be clothed and filled with From On High, so that darkness will surrender to light and sin to repentance and sickness leave and death give up its hold…we will not need to fight in this battles because the Spirit of the Lord will do this. He is he Lord…amen. amen. Amen. Do Your will Lord as You have spoken. Amen.

  4. On December 1st as I shut my eyes this is what I saw:
    There was an extremely large egg that is golden. It was literally glowing and radiating light. There was expectancy in the air.
    Then I saw a red dragon looking conivingly gleeful, wringing it’s short armed hands together. The words that came to mind were; a dragon with red velvet skin.
    Although I wasn’t sure what it meant, I knew I needed to write it down. And as I read this, felt lead to share.

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