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Watchmen Beware of Prophetic Doom and Gloom — 19 Comments

  1. Word in season, Sisters.

    The root sickness is in false identity. Anger will lead to prophecy tainted with anger and hate, while a misaligned sense of understanding an aspect of Love is holiness, will lead to the childish “prophetic” words coming forth from the institutional system, which is often little more than soulish encouragement (not even Spirit Exhortation- which always carries direction)>

    Speaking the truth, in Love.. with the full blueprint. It is and will always remain in the minority willing to do so, because few allow Father to replace a satanic (work-based identity) with the Righteousness of Christ and His unconditional Love that is meant to define our True Value in Him.

    It is one of the greatest challenges of those who are called to the prophetic area of service; namely addressing both sides of the ditches of the narrow road… It can make one weep.. a lot.

    I bear witness with this Word in season. God bless you, Sandi. And you, Joyce!!

  2. Amen Sister Holman. Moments before reading your post similar thoughts permeated my mind. Your word serves as confirmation.

    • Prophetess Renita, Just now saw your comment. I apologize but wanted to stop and thank you for the confirmation of what the Lord was speaking to you. Many blessings, Sandi

    • ONG Dear Joyce..wow thanks for common ground and sharing Signed, sealed and delivered, What a word…“A Word of Caution here: Hear Me well! When someone speaks or prophesies from Me, make sure it aligns properly with My Word. I will never go apart from My beloved Word. Try the spirits constantly whoever it be.”

      “Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.” 1 John 4:1. “The difficulty of the age is upon you but I will see you through ALL things as you look up unto Me, The Great I AM that I AM Who sendeth you.
      Lord, I receive this word with gladness! xoxo Sandi

  3. Thank you, sister Sandi for this precious word.

    The Father’s investment in the world is so much beyond our scope to imagine or understand; He gave His son! He is invested! How could the Father ever give up on the world in which He invested the best He had?

    The thief is a stealer, killer, and destroyer. Are we going to trust the ONE who is the Ultimate Giver, or the Father of lies? Choose wisely.

    He is calling forth a people who live ONLY for His intentions and to see the knowledge of His glory cover the earth.

    New creation! All things new! This is His purposeful intent, and so shall it be mine. Who will join me?

    • Thanks so much for your beautiful encouraging words to me Brian. Yes U will join you. “He is calling forth a people who live ONLY for His intentions and to see the knowledge of His glory cover the earth.” Amen and amen. Sincerely, Sandi Holman

  4. Amen!  Although we need to be reminded that we are living in perilous times, there is no doom and gloom for those who resolve to follow Christ to the end.  For the first apostles, persecution for His sake was seen as a privilege and thus a reason for rejoicing, while Paul prized the fellowship of His suffering.

    • Amen! This goes right with a new word the Lord gave me this morning, Mark Roberts. As I read foxes book of martyrs many years ago, it was not a gloomy, doom message but much joy as they gave their lives for Christ! Thank God for Sandi’s message to our hearts here and yours and others stand! God bless you.

      • Thank you!  I too have a copy of this important book.  I think there is a place for doom and gloom preaching but only as a warning to the unsaved and for Christians to remain in the faith.

      • Yes, sister Joyce. Jesus went to the cross for the JOY set before Him. Thankful that you and Mark continue to encourage me that the remnant may not be quite as large as we might think. But I join in with you and Mark with the realization of what an honor to be a part of the ‘greater works’ season ahead. Blessings abundant, Sandi

    • Learning to lean in dear Brother Mark on the wonderful writing of Paul and receiving new understandings daily of the ‘fellowship of His suffering.’ God richly bless you for your heart to engage and expound on the word and how prophecy lines up with it. Kind regards to you. Sandi

  5. Bev, you are beyond amazing in your commitment to obey fully. Thanks so much for your kindness and goodness and your words back to me. I so desire to carry His heart and His glory. And the word you sent for the 3…wow..wow..wow. I am so blessed by your words of affirmation. Love and peace, Sandi

  6. Sandi, once again I hear truth in every line from the Fathers heart! Thank you my most precious sister for this much needed Word in this very hour. All I can say again, this Word spoken in Truth and in Spirit both, brought me to tears as so, so needed!!! I love you sister.

    • Love you and love your heart, my sister. Joyce, it is amazing how the Lord is saying pretty much the same through many of us in this hour re: the heart and the spirit of TRUTH. THanks so much for your agreement and encouragement as we press on to the finish line AS ONE. Love and peace, Sandi

      • Yes, Amen to the finish line, Sandi. Let’s burst over that line with joy and victory in our belt! We shall set down on the other side and forever me be with our Lord and one another! Much love, Joyce

  7. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! This Word!!! So on target for NOW.  BRILLIANT.  GOD BLESS YOU for your obedience to bring it forth.

    The LORD says, “BELOVED ONE, My GLORY shines forth brightly on you.  Do not fear. For I will pull out all the stops as you boldly go forth to proclaim MY TRUTH to all the nations!  Well done, My good and faithful servant. WELL DONE.”

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