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  1. To HKP
    maybe I did wrote the wrong chapter?
    Maybe I wrote Eccl 8:22-32 ? But THE correct verses are from Proverna 8:22-31

    It is a problem that you are not able to edit the posts.

    • Heidi thanks for your response, ask the Father about these things because I have never “heard” this myself, but it has come by understanding which then He then confirmes in His Word. That is “proper order” first by THE Spirit then the Word, because God spoke before He wrote.

      But, I have met a sister in Christ who told me she,during a specific experience she went through,afterwards heard the Lord say “I had this meeting with you before the foundation of the world”.

      God says, “in the fourth” generation you shall come back AGAIN”.
      “Again” not the first time!

      THE “fourth” generation refers to those who lives on “the last quarter” om God’s clock (same time as THE pale horse, the worst time).

      Good news in the midst of the present darkness! Trust in that I don’t dare to share anything which is not diligently confirmed by THE Lord.

  2. More and more revelations will come to God’s people this last hour, because the first (those who where with God in the beginning) are the same that will be ” the last” in THE END of times.

    1John1:1-3 describes those who were with God in the beginning (before Gen.1:2)
    “That which was from the beginning which we have seen with our own eyes”

    Ps.90:1-2 speaks about this, as well as Eccl.8:22-31

    “Before He made the world..My delight were with the sons of men”.

    Yes, we have been there once and are really “born again” for “such a time as this”.

  3. Wnderful vision!  Let me add what I,ve got during My years with Him. Gen.1:1 is the perfect creation,the eternal realm before any day or time was created. THE shamayim (those and their seed who hear and obeyed God).
    In Gen.1:2 the hebrew words describes the same had became a ruin filled with evil and sorrow and without form (which refers to also a manipulation of the genes).
    NOW the countown beginns with the Malung of days and times until the 7th day when God finally can rest and we have returned to Him again.

    That is the meaning of the prayer “let Thy Kingdom come as in heaven and as in Earth”. In others words as it was in Gen: 1:1 BEFORE Gen.1:2!

    This is the reason a Sabbath “remains” for God’s people, because it was never fulfilled in the beginning because they transgressed God’s Laws.

    Ida.46:10 says I declare the END from the beginning.
    God has only One beginning and that is Gen.1:1 The END starts in Gen.1:2 why we cannot interpret anything without this understanding.

    Now we are in the ” last Day” Close to 00:00 att God’s timetable which is a circle when we shall,in Christ, come back to Him!

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