We Are Obligated To One Another


We are obligated to one another, oh, yes we are.  This last days increase in self and the outrageous chase for personal gain, has nothing to do with Christ, or anything He ever taught or believed.  If He actually has forgiven our many sins, washed them away with His blood and made us a part of His kingdom, we owe Him.  It seems, that many of us appear to have forgotten, that without what He did for us, we would yet be hopeless.

If we say we are truly a believer and follower of Jesus Christ, the great commission He gave to us all, is not just a light choice; He obligated us.

The things that He taught while He was here, clearly tells us, that we are to pick up the cross, if we want to follow Him.  I wonder today, how much time we spend thinking about the message, to help take care of one another; to show forth His love for us, to others.  What kind of church do we have now, that has no burden; no cross to carry. Weren’t we bought, with great price.

We had an old song that said, “Oh I’m in love with Jesus; and He’s in love with me. I’ve a picture of King Jesus, I’d like for you to see. He’s the healer of all diseases; He’s the Master of the Sea. Yes I’m in love with Jesus, and He’s in love with me.”  We can shirk our obligation if we want to. We can find all of these other things to replace that which we were called to do. The words “go into all the world,” seemed to have lost their power, with some folks. Stay where you are comfortable, has somehow replaced that.

We can talk all we want, about how much we are like the apostles.  But is it not true, that one of the most important messages they all taught, is about caring for one another; hurting when others hurt, being kind and lifting one another up.  I’m sorry, but they weren’t just talking about our own particular group or our inner circle.  Helping each other carry our loads, was a big part of their entire ministry.  They had an obligation to carry to others, what our Lord had given to them; and they did that, they did not just talk about it.

We are obligated to people in the world also; to our neighbors and all of the ones we come in contact with.  It’s not a maybe so; it’s required; it’s the real proof, that we truly appreciate what He has done for us.  Another sign of the end time, is a lack of gratitude; being unthankful for what has been given to us.  And not sharing the right attitude and love, with other people.  We truly are obligated to restore other people; like it or not.  We will not love as He loved, if we do not forgive, like He forgave. It’s my business, what other people are going through; I absolutely owe them, my love and support.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn

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