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We Do Not See Things As They Are — But as We Are! — 4 Comments

  1. Dear Sandi –

    You’ve done well, loyal daughter of heavens call. Your post confirms what the Lord has shown me too, in last yrs in USA re: Trump as well. [I’ve written as such on posts as well].

    In this pivotal, climactic hour of world history & the devil lobbying for the souls of nations, believers cannot afford to “judge and decide” with carnal vision. We must “see” God’s purposes and “hear” His heart re: any leader – anything else is deception by our own reasoning & enemy’s whispers.

    You made a great point on loyalty too. As our citizenship is in heaven to a eternal King- intercessors & prophets must be LOYAL to heavens mandates + plans. Once the Lord told me (+ has often since) to “pray for DJT, that he was his choice for this hour” – I could not be swayed off my prophetic assignment, no matter who disagreed with me or said otherwise. God bless them, not offended by detractors – harbor no hard feelings. But I know what I know, as Holy Spirit woke me up to pray during night hours for the last four years.

    On judgment day, standing before His Throne, all that will matter is: “did we obey what God said to us, told us”. We will give our account to him on that day, not Facebook, or peoples comments.

    Without a bold perseverance to remain LOYAL to Father God, King Jesus & Holy Spirit voice & the written Word first – prophets+ intercessors will fail. Loyalty is the key to release Courage. Shalom, Elizabeth

    • Thanks so much, Elizabeth, for your valuable input and confirmation. We must stand firm. I have written and re-written the chapter on a loyal heart to my book but still have some struggles with what and how I am sharing regarding ‘a loyal heart’. Many blessings, my friend, Sandi

  2. Sandi, every word of this, CONFIRMS!
    It’s gonna take me some time to unpack the totality of it!
    I believe and receive!
    Thank You Jesus!!
    Thank you Sandi!

    • Thanks so much, Marc. I appreciate your input. I was given this a while back and as I was gathering some things for my book and re-read it, I decided to share part of it (it was part of a short e-book) so fits where we really are today. I continue to stand with the assignment the Lord gave me to intercede for Donald J Trump. God bless you, my brother. Sandi

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