We Left It…


I awoke weeping; crying my heart out.  I heard some news last evening, that caused me to take another look at something.  I can’t go into detail, because I don’t want to share other people’s personal matters or say something that would hurt someone who is already hurting enough.

I had a resentment toward someone; they were wrong, and their kind have actually hurt a lot of people.  This liberty some take, to control people’s lives and dominate and dictate, in the name of Jesus Christ, truly continues.

Many of us have asked ourselves, at one time or another, or even sought to ask God, why He allows certain things.  David, even asked of God, why do those who are evil, prosper; why does it sometimes seem, that they have gotten away with it; and continue to do so.  Lives destroyed, so many driven from the house of the Lord; lost sheep, unsearched for.

You think you get to the place, that some of those people, can’t hurt you anymore; but somehow, they can; even generations that come after you.  Still doing the same old things; hurting people and wounding; all over again.  You pray to get those resentments out of your heart; it can be very hard work still.

But David saw something, many of us haven’t seen yet; what happened in the end with these people.  If I’ve ever believed one particular thing today, I believe that you get back, what you give out.  It may take a long time; and just as the Word says, people think that God is no longer watching, or, He no longer cares.

Call me what you want, but if you have any true heart at all, when judgment strikes someone, you’re not happy about it.  If you ever loved to begin with, you weep for them and theirs.  Someone dear, was taken; I never thought that would happen to them.  They seemed to fly so high; they had everything most of us dream of having; maybe even more.

I don’t know if this is going where I thought it might go; but, I read the words again just now.  See, we are living in the Book of Revelation.  It does not matter what we think, or what we were taught by those we thought knew all about the Word.  Those things we used to study, those things that we once talked about, are all coming to pass; and it’s happening at such a fast pace.  God said, “I have somewhat against thee.”  And, He said what it was.  We didn’t lose it.  Just as they did, we “left” it.  One translation said, you “abandoned the love that you had at first.”  Another one says, you have “deserted Me, your first love.”  The love of many, has, waxed cold.

Those I wept over, didn’t get by.  Perhaps they took something precious from someone; something dear and precious, has been taken from them.  We, are going to have to go back to what we left; we’ll have to search for it, until we find it.

And then, we’ll have to figure out, when we left it, how we left it and what caused it.  I once loved those people; I could not understand why they did what they did.  What was supposed to be holy, turned out to be, just more of man’s manipulation; it stopped being about God, if it ever was.

My resentments were wasted; it hurt me, more than it hurt them.  We once had pity on one another; somewhere along the way, we left it off.

“Remember, therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent. Or else”


Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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