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We Must be Seasoned at His Very Feet — 4 Comments

  1. Unfortunately we do not have enough BOOK’ Leadership teachers, for demonstrate all the differences, to change and adjust TRUTH, from the lies today, and not counting the constants knockings pressures to confuse spirit and souls, as each new steps forward of malice, freshly coincident developing unconfident stones as it is fully totally manufactured to keep trust and full confident to any fronts. to each minds to individual walkers at this moment.
    On the other hand, souls can’t take not longer attention, to see what is best, and whom to confide their situations, just to see a new light ahead off on each today’ lost earth world.
    But more thank half, not understand that ♥♥♥HE IS THERE♥♥♥ for the Hopes & lights available, by ♥♥♥HIS TOUCHS FROM HEAVEN’S♥♥♥ AMÉN..!
    INTERCESSION PRAYERS, is the unique fully TOOL for the above subject MATTER. AMÉN.!

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