Weaknesses, Brokenness & Shortcomings


When it comes to our weaknesses, brokenness and shortcomings, we have no solutions in and of ourselves.

While we can tell ourselves to “buck up and get _____ under control,”  the best we can do is compensate for our weaknesses.

When my right leg was still an inch and a half shorter than my left, my best answer was a lift in my shoe.  I couldn’t heal my leg, as I could not grow it out.  All I could do was bring an insufficient and temporary solution to a permanent problem.

Yet when Jesus touched me, there was no longer a need to compensate.  There was no longer a need for solutions.  With a word and a touch of His hand, what was broken was made whole.  The unsolvable problem, was instantly solved.

This is not just true of physical brokenness, but all areas of our lives.

Whether our limp is manifested for the world to see, or it is hidden in the recesses of our hearts, our need to “get by,” and our need to compensate is no more when our brokenness is exposed before our Healer.

I wonder, are there still areas of your life where you believe your only answer is to compensate?

I know there are for me.  Yet I am reminded that when our temporary affliction intersects with the permanency of Jesus’ love we walk away healed and whole.

Never give up hope.  He is still working in you!


~ Mitch Salmon

Mitch SalmonMitch Salmon fisher of men iconis the founder of Fisher of Men Productions and  a follower of Jesus Christ and proclaimer of the Good News – The Gospel of Christ Jesus!

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Weaknesses, Brokenness & Shortcomings — 1 Comment

  1. Amen. Please help pray my son, Kevin. He is 18yr. old and is lost. He is a good kid and a follower of Christ. But because of worldy influences which obviously Satan is behind on this, he is now confused and being rebellious. He admitted he is gay. I know that is not son, Satan and his companions are living in his body right now. Please I need all prayers to defeat Satan… help me break the spirit of gay and lust. I pray God will fix his life, in Jesus’ name. Thank you for reading and God bless us all.