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Weather Warfare Prayers — 15 Comments

  1. Agree 100%!  I’ve prayed this way for years since being aware of gov weather manipulation.  Being in the Midwest you often hear, “the farmers almanac says worse winter ever”, I say, we’ll see about that!  (We’ll see what God has to say).  Thanks so much for putting this out there and for the prayer outline to follow.  God bless you!

    • Diane.

      Oh yes! I remember the Tornados from my childhood!  God Bless you!  Thanks so much for your response! Bev

    • There was a storm scheduled for the midwest & northeast US that was supposed to hit 19+/- states.
      When I saw the prediction of the newscasters I asked the LORD if it was him or the enemy & He said it was the enemy.

      Many of my friends were hesitant when the LORD first had me confront the storms years ago.  BUT GOD has been so awesome in answering my prayers for here, that it grew into our prayers for the area, & other areas. 

      So GOD said to post an example, because many dont think about that an enemy storm can be lessened or stopped through prayer & GOD’S LOVE, GRACE, MERCY & MORE for His people. We just have to use His authority, power, & follow His directions.

      Thanks for responding! God Bless you! Bev

      • Bev, Ohhhhh, I understand!  I have been praying for safety amidst some wild storms lately (I live in WV) and have been praising God when the worst of what was “supposed” to happen did not.  Thank you so much for your post.

  2. Just yesterday I was praying against the weather in our area. The sky looked like it was ready to spawn tornadoes but none developed. Prayer works!

    • Amen! It absolutely does!!!  Glad you joined the team!!!  The more that pray in unity regarding the enemy’s storms, the better off we will all be.

      Thank you for responding!  God Bless you! Bev

  3. Bev, this is SO ON TIME and SPOT ON. Yes, I am in…in agreement and prayed through with you and will pass it on to others on the wall with me. Thanking God for you and your faithfulness to be a LISTENER. xoxo Sandi

    • HALLELUJAH & PRAISE GOD for all those who prayed not only for this storm, but will continue to pray against the enemy’s storms & THANK GOD FOR HIS!!!


      Thanks so much for responding, Dear Sandi!  God Bless you! Bev

  4. Praise God for this message! Felt led about a year ago to pray over the electrical grid and the next day in the news I read that someone tried to hack into our electrical grid system here in the US.  So it’s so encouraging to read your call to prayer, Beverly.  Please note too that not all outages are from weather. They are PLANNED and by governments own admission. For example read “New England could see rolling power outages for the 1st time this winter” by Lori Valigra on 12/7/21 on Bangor Daily News (.com).  The idea to do such a thing in the MIDDLE of a New England winter is mind boggling.

    • Yes, I’m very aware of enemies in the govt who manipulate things for their causes & plans. 

      Sad to say there may be many like that.

      BUT GOD is on our side & even if we are a Gideon’s Army, God still leads the way to VICTORY.

      Much will change in the coming days as HIS GLORY & THE FEAR OF GOD FALLS over the earth. HALLELUJAH!!! Evil will be overcome. Thank you JESUS!!!

      GOD BLESS YOU!!! Thanks so much for responding!  Bev

  5. Bev, yes I absolutely prayed this prayer & decreed and declared with you and others I am sure..

    The PS end really stood out to me also as we so need to discern properly! I stand in and through the storm with you sister.

    “For your information, I always ask The LORD if the storm or weather pattern is from Him, or the enemy.
    He answers and I proceed from there…..
    If it is from Him, I thank Him for the weather and regardless of what it is, I ask that we will learn whatever lessons He wants us to learn through it.
    I also ask that He will help,” etc… Amen

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