Weeping for Nairobi

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Change your Ministry and give God His Glory!

The Lord is saying some of you will have to change the way they do ministry in order to start moving in signs and wonders.

Many are still immature to work these phenomena.  When you take the glory for yourself, you are an immature thief who is in personal exploits.

God says He can’t share glory with any other.  It is only the mature who gives God HIS glory.

Heaven is suspicious of many, the reason why God has not been able to entrust you with a little bit more.  These are guys who want their “works and names” to make it to the headlines.

Some will even quickly change to Lucifer when God starts to work wonders through them.  Sometimes we have to say it is not the anointing, it is God.

I tell you, there are cancer, diabetes , leukemia, broken bones, demons and wheelchairs in your midst because the system you operate within is there to get God’s glory.  When you begin to decrease the Hand who does, will take all these away from your midst.

Weeping for Nairobi

Walking in Nairobi’s Tom Mboya Street, I haven’t done this for some weeks now, and was shocked to see all the mediocre advertisement posters of a certain witch-doctor, who has a polite way of telling, that he is just a nice experienced healer from Tanzania who can sort out range of problems from health issues, love, business booms, promotions at work, gaining favors in the offices where you work, to magically return the lost love ones and court cases ruled in your favour by his white magic.

I am tired of weeping for this city.  At night, this is where you will find the devil doing his bit, twilight girls in darkness, selling sex. Nowadays they dare to do public processions demanding for the right to sell sex.

I know of nightclubs in Westlands exclusively for the gay community (do not say what is wrong with this).  I know of a young man whom I ministered to a year ago and who was involved in homosexuality and there is a group who takes care of this act of darkness with money in return.

There is a church here that accepts everything.  They adorn their worship sessions with flashing discotheque lights.  It is a stopover for those who have been in sex and drug business previous night, not once, but on several occasions, they come and go not to be changed, like wine that settle in its dregs.

For how long can we worship sex and the fertility gods in this city?

There is an urgent demand for an angel from the Lionic throne Of God to audit this evil.  The worship of Asherah and evil swings around the Asherah poles (the modern dance halls and poles) are in almost all night clubs spiced with Pornography.  They burn incense there and demonic angels entertain them in their fires, death follows.

Satan loves these flashes of fire because he was an angel made from from fire.  Because the sweetness of immorality for these people is now equal to the outcry, perhaps the angels of God in their findings, will record judgments.

The world knows how revival is sweeping Kenya, but what are these I am seeing?  Has the Lord not seen your evil ways?  Shalom

Receiving a Prophet as a Prophet

To receive a prophet in the name of a prophet is scriptural.  This is not a favor you are doing for him, neither are you selling him or making his ministry greater and yours lesser.

Receiving any man or woman of God through the offices they hold, has rewards attached.

Today God will use a servant in your life, but then you forget after some time and treat him just as brother or a sister in Christ.  Yes, God knows they are your sisters or brothers, but you are shutting doors for your next visitation through them.

Don’t murmur at this post, because I am teaching the Church how to receive from God.

When a prophet sees and connect God with that outcome, when it finally happens, the Glory is bigger and God is glorified.  People who have what they have because of prophetic rhema or prophetic tongue, tend to serve God with such prosperity, because God was involved.  To them, what they have, is a point of contact for praise and worship.

People who mess with their source of blessings are like thieves and lack establishment.

Praying for the peace of Jerusalem

Praying for the peace of Jerusalem is a command.  Jerusalem is the center of the earth, the divine womb on earth that receives heavenly seed and directly the course of endtimes.

So let us resist the abortionists who have vowed to divide it and destroy Israel.  We also need to pray for peace in Ukraine, Russia not to do anything before her time.  We know know her role in Ezekiel 38.

I have also been praying for Fiji that she may be freed from the sons of bondwoman because Fiji has an enemy within.  It is also time for God to judge the altars of Budha in Myanmar and the God of Israel only to be worshipped.

Church, let us pray that India may fully open up for revival and turn the anti-conversion decrees in Allabad and religions turmoil in Delhi rest in the way of the true God.

I DECREE that among the gods on earth there is no other god like the LORD GOD of Israel –  Deuteronomy 4:7.

God bless you, Shalom.

Cults thrive on the ignorance of believers

Cults do thrive on the ignorance of believers.  I have also found out that the origin of the so called organized cults, is hatred either on another cult, or person or people.

But again they will try to exalt one single truth in its accurate context and water down other doctrines.  They use one aspect of truth as a bait to their real belief.  Without mentioning the organization, teaching like the Sanctuary message, the shut door, the Sunday Law and the three Angel message are doctrinal issues lashing other churches or papacy.

The so called doctrines are propagated in away that to, “correct someones mess,” that explains why cults are good intellectual debaters.  You don’t win people to your camp by winning debates, it is politics that spread that way. Shalom

Prophets and the Five-Fold Ministry

Some people think of us those who are in the five-fold ministry as people who have assigned ourselves the role of being police, to the body of Christ.

They will receive you with suspicion and even accuse you of pride and malice, when you are not, for prophets, they will delve to extract what is the falseness that they have imagined.

There are times when I release the word from God and immediately it is shot down.  Apparently they have a bunch of prophecies that came accurate from my tongue, yet they look for ways to mute the voice of God.

The reason is that they think a prophet operate as a man and he, the prophet, is gaining pedestal by being a voice of God above them.

Everyone who is a prophet knows that we Prophets are not made in growing as weightlifters are.  If you have not been hearing from the start of everything, it will not change you to be a hearer in future, of course there are processes of development.

Actually the office of a prophet is not any greater, than others. Shalom


God bless you,
~ Prophet Peter Odhiambo

Prophet Peter OdhiamboProphet Peter Odhiambo is the founder of Heart Revival Network International, Kenya and a Prophetic Endtime Minister of the Gospel. He preaches in Crusades, open air and Revival meetings. The Lord continuously shows him concerning apostasy in the Church and the need to prepare the Bride to fit into the Wedding of the Lamb, according to Revelation 19:7-8.



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