We’re Gonna Make It!


I sang, “Take my houses, my lands.”  He took them.

“Take my dreams and my plans.”  He took those too.

I meant it, and He took me at my word.  I posted that video here almost eight years ago now.

Never, never in my most fathomed intent, would I know what would lie down the road. I

had no idea, no clue, of the kind of suffering, pain and heartache that was in store for me.  But, it seems God did.

I don’t want this to be about me; I want it to be about Him, and about you.  I want to share one story in all of this.

I had just returned home following septic shock and being in ICU, in a drug induced coma, on a breathing machine.

Needless to say, I was in a terrible shape.  Both of my hands were grossly edematous [swollen] from lack of circulation and there was a great deal of numbness and loss of sensation also.

It seems my brain had been damaged and my mind had been truly destroyed.

A couple of days later, I walked slowly by the piano and a voice spoke to me.  It said to sit down and play a song for the LORD.

So, stiff and with unenduring pain in all my bones, I bent a knee at the piano bench as I always do, before I sat down.

You see, some things about us, are not going to change, no matter what we go through.

We’ve paid too big a price for those gems and what the Spirit has taught us. T he act of our humbling ourselves before the LORD, has brought too much victory and too much revelation to forget about it very long.

So, I simply sat down at the piano and began to play.  I did not even think about the fact that my hands were too swollen to do so; I actually forgot about it.

The music that came forth, was beautiful; a talented and gifted musician that seemed to be playing better than ever before.

That same voice said, now sing a song unto Him.  I knew my throat was very sore from where a cold-hearted doctor had yanked the breathing tube out.  But God wasn’t concerned about that; even if I was.

I just started singing.  What came out, was a wonderful voice of someone anointed of the Holy Ghost.

It was clear, powerful and a depth of real strength and reverb.  This man, was singing better than He ever had before.

This voice and this ability to play, had been preserved, for such a time as this.  Oh, it’s not the first time I started singing right in the middle of some kind of terrible crisis or a deep bout of sickness.  Tough times might be ahead, but the strength to make it had come.

Perhaps there is another message here.

God can use you, even if you are sick.  Some of us are in the middle of the most rough trail we have walked yet.

We’re tired, feeble, weary and even in pain and acute suffering.  But our hearts are in places others may not be attuned to.

We still want to work for God and be used of Him; even after all of this time.  We have set our heart on following the lead of the Holy Ghost, and we have no intention of being deterred from that.  Sickness or not.

Have I grown closer to God.  Do I know places and things in the Spirit I had not seen or obtained before.

I am sure of that.  You hearing this message now, just know this.  We are going to make it.  We are.  God meant for us to.

Why?  I just came out of another bad setback.  But just two days ago, the Holy Ghost moved me to sit down and write something He wanted to say.

I was sure I couldn’t do it.  I couldn’t, but He could.

I want to end with Geron’s song that has sung in my heart for days now.  “I’m Gonna Make It, He Already Said That I Would.”


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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We’re Gonna Make It! — 1 Comment

  1. Oh I needed to read this tears came to my eyes. How I have suffered and been in physical and spiritual pain. But I will rise again. I will make it and His name will be glorified. Thank you.