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  1. Very powerful post, when I came to the Lord I didn’t get this kind of advice from anyone.I experienced much trouble on top of the abuse I had.

    • Thank you BH for letting me know this helped you! If for you alone, I would have written it. I pray sincerely the Lord uplift guide and be with you in all things.

  2. Great posts. Finally got time to complete viewing.  Oh my, so much truth spoken.  Seen/lived so much in my life.  Have had to close many doors myself.  Great reminder verses, the love scriptures.  My focus is Jesus.  The daily Proverbs is great wisdom for me for “these days”.

    • Thank you Betty. I am glad to know you personally and your character. Yes, we do have to close some doors at times. Love and appreciate you sis

  3. I believe we are to treat men the same. In doing so it will also make know what is in our hearts. Jesus said don’t resist evil if our heart is true evil is not a threat to us. I don’t sit around concerned what someone else is about. Jesus gave Judas the sop knowing what he was going to do. He most likely was more of a friend to him then we can know. God is good all the time and so should we be. I myself will go out of my way to care about someone who I know motivates are wrong in hopes that Christ will change their heart. I am not threatened by evil in fact I have ran afoul of more of it in so called believers then those in the world. We are supposed to have the God of the universe in us what have I to fear. Over come evil with the love of God. The time is short use it wisely.

    • David I read this 2-3 times to see if I could get your full meaning here. I do understand I believe what you are trying to say. The only thing is the subject matter perhaps we may have misunderstood a little?
      We treat all men with no respect of persons, truly. My subject was on friends and letting them into a very close place in our hearts. Some (that the enemy is trying to send) we don’t need to walk real close to. That does not mean we don’t show ourselves friendly, it is just this partical article was specific warning that I believed someone needed today. God bless you.

      • Sister I appreciate the reply. Don’t feel like the Lone Ranger I most times have to read what I write to really hear what is being said. It’s all good. Bottom line I remember some 35 years ago in jail ministry visiting a murder. Who was determined to tell me all about his crime I stoped him and told him I was not interested and the only interest I had was to tell him I loved him no matter what he had done. He broke down crying. I treated him as if I was a friend only looking for his good. The church I attended wanted to know about my visit. The one in question use to go to this church. When I told them what I did even the pastor was wanting to condem me. There was much hate for this young man. It was at that point in my life I knew this stuff is real go for it all the way or go do something else. I think you know what I mean sister. It was easier to love some criminal than most who should know better. But I did not hate them either. Oh well just a side note.

        • David, now I can better understand. You hit the nail on the head for sure for me! Thank you for your reply. As a jail and prison minister, I have gotten the same at times. The care and love from the ones I visited and wrote has been ‘deeper’ since 2006 than a lot of churchy people wondering why I waste my time! One of my closest contacts committed murder to get there, but got saved by God’s grace! One of the 3 Christmas cards I got was from him this year. Prison ministry is something you have to be called to. What about the homeless and the ones everyone else has rejected and cast off? If Jesus is love and He is, should we not learn to love as He does? Thank you very much, David.

          • One last things Joyce after this little talk I hope that you and I would be friends. As I do with all believers Paul said let me show you a better or higher way. The way of love which all true believers should know. I believe it essential in this day. And yes the jail ministry can be very thankless. I my self have been out of it for many years but recall some very rewarding times many years ago. Most of the people I first ministered to years ago thought I had died and we’re surprised to see me talking to them. I told them in a way I had died and made new again in Christ. Many believed because they thought I was Maybe a ghost of something. I said Holy Ghost or something. Funny stuff.

            • Love it, David. Yes, friends indeed! Not able to visit anymore but still I write and keep in contact with a few these days. Onward marching to whatever the Lord desires us to do in these last days. God bless you.

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