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What Could Be Said About a Nation? — 5 Comments

  1. Please forgive me for not seeing your repost earlier.
    You are right in saying we as Christians ought to pray for discernment. We must with open hearts accept the Words of the LORD and we must pray that our LORD will test all hearts, spirits and intentions of our human minds.
    We all are looking for the same solution for our country and the world – that all will come to the FOOT of the CROSS to be forgiven and accept HIS forgiveness.

  2. Yes LORD! Our nation has been led astray since YOU were taken from our schools by atheists and our government allowed it.
    Yes LORD! We have gone in the way of Cain. There is murderous spirit within our land, killing innocent babies by ripping them from their mothers’ wombs OR murdering the babies as they are born alive.
    As this happens more and more, that murderous spirit of Cain lets it be known “life is NOT precious”. What happens? People who know NOT the Word of the LORD go into schools, businesses, malls, public venues, etc. to kill and maim. It is the murderous spirit of Cain that kills. It preys upon the spiritual sickness of man. satan laughs and shouts “well done”!
    satan has murdered. he has ravaged our nation. he has spilled the innocent blood of our babies.
    ALL Christians and I mean ALL should fall to our knees and pray for this land, pray for our government, pray for our President. He was placed in His position by the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY.
    The spirit of fear is NOT of the LORD! Any one who says we will be met with smoking guns and armies with their artillery is attempting to place the spirit of fear within our nation. Again, the spirit of fear is NOT of the LORD!


    • It is not fear that this message is bringing forth but preparation and wisdom in knowing that. I do pray, but I pray that our eyes would be opened to what this leader is doing and what his ultimate intentions are. Look for discernment if you don’t have it.

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