What do YOU see?


What do you See?  What do you feel?  Our senses in the realm of the Spirit, are strengthened by using them.

It’s somewhat like the natural; the more you exercise it, the stronger it becomes.  And the more you let it pass and slack off, the weaker you are.  Once you reach a certain place, after hard work and commitment, you don’t just stay there for good.  Things reverse; it’s not the same.  In this Spiritual walk, there is no coasting along; no standing still.

Today, it’s likely about desire; the more we seek something, the more apt we are to obtain it.  If we stop desiring what we have been reaching for, it’s pretty certain, we will not excel in it.  In these past years, we have seen an extensive over-ride, for the things of the world.

Obtaining material influence and personal recognition, has swamped our desire for the things of the Spirit.  When those in leadership began to promote those who were very talented, but not truly anointed, our entire spiritual system was deeply affected.

Those seeking after the Spirit, knew instinctively, that it was most often about self, and being promoted.  We knew that in the very beginning; and it troubled many of us.  But when you give into the system of men, it became too much of what they wanted, rather than what the Spirit wanted.

Without the Holy Ghost, there would never have been a vibrant church, that was alive.  Our whole way of truth, was based on the principle that the Holy Ghost was sent to move and activate the hearts of men and women that desired it.

It was once thought, that if a commander could back off or choose someone else to look at the battle from a distance, they might actually see how the real situation was.  One plight so many seem to be involved in now, is that they have lost the desire to see.  And they no longer wish to listen.  Not in Spiritual things.

To those who have been there and are there now, looking through the eyes of the Spirit, can change your total perception.  We seem to often forget, that we are spiritual beings; following some other spirit.

Those performing, even though they might appear to be leading the worship, might appear different to the Spirit.  Those who have continued to exercise their senses and desired to grow more, can see that many things, are not of the Holy Ghost.

The truth is, once you have received that Power from on High, even in the beginning, you already can detect in the Spiritual realm.  It comes with the Gift.  Desiring more, growing deeper, was once everyone’s desire.

Do we want everything God has for us, or do we choose the less?

Seeing or feeling in the natural today, can show us many things.  But, it does not reveal what is in the spiritual realm.  If one cannot see and feel their enemy, they will be swallowed up.

We will be trusting the wrong people, following the wrong lead and usually end up going astray. We need the Holy Ghost, to discern our own spiritual condition; where we are, and what we need to work on.

If we do not have a one-on-one relationship with Jesus Christ, and opt to follow something else besides the Holy Ghost, we are truly bound for shipwreck.  Both for ourselves, and also for our families.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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