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What Does God Think He’s Doing? — 8 Comments

  1. Thank you, brother Chris and HKP. Is this the lamest, saddest element, for Christian doubters of God’s college movement?:

    When believers put down the drown-us-out music, etc., to individually and collectively love on God, on deep levels, it seems the doubters don’t expect God to be moved. Wow.

    Think again.

  2. Thank you Chris

    God is sovereign.
    He is on the throne!!
    He pours out mercy grace and healing on who He wills.
    We get to decide for ourselves what we do with it. (Fruit etc)
    I have fallen many times but He has restored me every single time
    I for one am not dismissing this outpouring – NO!!
    I’m praying it will come here and to all who eagerly long for His presence
    Blessings and the fullness of His Richness be on you

  3. rather, everyone would be happy that this happens!!!!
    let’s hope that the Lord’s seed will fall on many, many fertile soils, because of course, what will fall on unproductive, rocky soil, or on the far side..
    and many seeds will not sprout right away, but will be embedded in the heart, and then make their way when the rain comes, the spring sunlight.
    Let us rejoice that the Lord comes with his cleansing wind, blows away the filth, hopelessness, unbelief and brings clean air to many places.
    We praise the Lord and call: more, more Lord, more wind, more anointing, come Lord with your strong presence on the whole earth, in every place, so that the earth is filled with You, as the waters cover the sea, according to Your timing and intention. Make the enemy so. like dust before the wind, drive away the rational voices. Thank you and bless you for your wonderful work!

  4. This timely word can be applied in so many ways! How often we try to force GOD to do what we want when we want it and even back up our demand with scripture, THUS SAYETH THE LORD, but did He say it and mean it like you are using it? Let GOD be truth and every man a liar.

  5. Now faith is substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.
    The mistake many are making is they think they see God in what looks lively to them I am old enough to remember many such services 30 and more years ago. And almost nobody or real fruit from back them till now. Those same people I knew that sang all night and swore they would be serving and loving God forever mostly young then all became the walking dead when the music and the hype stoped. Let’s all see who has a chair when the music stops.

    • Totally agree, David. Not many are still walking with God, no real fruit or changed communities. Not sure why Joel is being quoted. Surely that scripture was fulfilled in Pentecost, wasn’t it? That’s what Peter said anyway. People have been being born again & filled with the Holy Spirit since then. More importantly, they have been preaching the gospel, otherwise we would not have heard it.  Jesus said that in the end times the love of many would turn cold and to endure to the end.

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