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What God Has Preserved — 5 Comments

  1. Thank you for sharing what so many have on our hearts. I am finding out what the scripture means when it says we overcome by the blood of Lamb and the word of our testimony. “Lord I love you and I’m holding on no matter what tomorrow holds! Better than one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere”!

  2. Church is going to look completely different then it ever has. God will use us in amazing ways, but like you said we must listen to the Holy spirit. I believe the fruit of the spirit in our lives, is what God wants more now then gifts. He is coming for us, we must look like Him!

  3. And thanks from me to you, too :) !
    More than once a Christian choir leader said to me, I surely would have good gifts and talents given by the LORD, but it would not be singing… Hard words from the musician, an elder of a big congregation, 1000 + people before “corona” forced them all to be quiet. I always loved to sing, all kind of good music, and surely old praise hymns. Your personal words touched me and blessed me !

  4. Thank you, sir, for speaking to my heart. The LORD has used your infirmities to help me with mine.
    Thank you for being obedient to our FATHER.

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