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“What Has Happened to Discernment in This Hour?” — 3 Comments

  1. Yes Lord, all this is so true. Discernment of what God is doing is very critical in this hour when lies and deception seem to be at it’s peak. Lord Jesus, please keep us safely under the shelter of Your wings. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thank you for this word I 100% agree! Discernment is most certainly a necessity in these difficult times. For truth has become stranger than fiction. It’s as if we live in Superman’s “Bizarro world”. One can easily be led down the wrong road. God has given us His Word to help recognize fact from fiction. One of my favorites is watching to see if the fruit lines up with the Word? How can a house divided against itself stand? Will Satan help expand God’s Kingdom? I think not, his goal is but to kill, steal & destroy. Peace & prosperity are buzz kills for Satan.

    Again, thank you for this word, Stephen. As my particular gifting is “discernment”. I have asked God all my life for wisdom & discernment that I might not be deceived as Eve was. There have been times when I have allowed my flesh to overrule what I knew God was showing me. I can tell you that NEVER worked out well! I now lean in to watch, listen & pay attention to what is being said & done. In the years since God has shown me & helped me navigate through some truly remarkable times. May God bless you this day & in those to come.

  3. Absolutely and Amen! Alot of deception abounds.  My prayer has been for a long while. Father, keep us from deception. Help us to stay close to you and walk in love, and in your truth.

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