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  1. As you speak the heart of your message it always click with my spirit, my bro. Tears still arerunning now as I read.
    Praying for the U.K. also for true revival! So many don’t have a clue the cost. That is my prayer that from the heart people repent, get unified and not put our God in a box anymore!
    On a lot smaller scale I know than you and Linda, the Lord has sent me places for periods of time to be an intercessor.
    We would be seeing a true move of God. Still often it would be stopped when the ‘Leadership’ itself didn’t want to pay the cost! Also when ‘pride’ got in, the well would seem to plug back up. This earthshattering world Revival what will it take? Hungry hearts that have suffered enough of church as usual! Father God hear our pleas. Make us hungry in every land for True Revival that starts in our hearts first in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen.

    • “This earthshattering world Revival what will it take?” I believe it will take a similar move like that in the Hebrides Revival in 1949 – a sovereign move of God in response to the prayers of a few, prayers that are totally meant, totally committed, and totally pleasing to God! It will be costly but oh so worth it!

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