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  1. To love in such a way that you will not fear for anything but will be able to love with no fear at all…what a freedom….what a peace…what power and victory! It can only come from God…when He gives Himself completely without bounds to us.  So we would truly be love carriers, being who He is…spreading Him all over with no fear. May He do. Without limits. Completely. So we will know Him truly and not miss represent Him and be pure abd true to His image…Amen.  I truly want Him in all His fullness, Him. No fear only love. No insecurities. No weakness. But love without fear. Him changing and helping others by loving them. Love covers sin. What power to blot out and cover. We can say…By the love of Christ! To set free and heal and change!  We all just want Him in all His fullness. No one can resist love in pure form. God. May He release Himself through me and change the world and help everyone. Amen. Forever change me to be strong and mighty through Him to do what He only can do in bringing His kingdom and helping everyone everywhere in Jesus Christ name. Amen. Amen. Amen.

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