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  1. I agree with your words Mama. In addition, the spirit of Jealousy is worst than cancer. It is destroying the Bride of Christ today. We all need genuine repentance every second. Many Christians need to be reminded of the fact that We are here on earth temporarily running a race & we need God’s spirit & not our own power or might to finish well. We must therefore shun Jealousy at all cost & any other sins that will act as hindrances & stay focused as nobody knows when God will come demanding for our soul to return to him & give accounts. God will uphold you & each an everyone of us in Jesus name. Thanks so much Mama

  2. What a wonderful post, dear Joyce. It is urgent that we all walk in our true identity in Christ and know that our gift will make a place for us. We each have a place hand picked by the Lord to be an encouragement and help but also to be fitly joined together to work together AS ONE. We are the hands, the shoulders, the mouth, but we are designed and created to fit together. Love your teachings, love you. Sandi

    • Thank you Sandi.  Absolutely, we all need one another,
      I love you too, my sister, Thanks for the encouragement.

  3. Thank you Adams. May we all learn a lot from each other. You are a blessing and encouragement to myself and others.

    For me, I need repent daily. Many think that is not necessary but it is the little foxes who will spoil the vine.

    Its not God doesn’t give us keeping grace, but we are in a fallen world.If each one if us aren’t careful a root of bitterness even will try get in.

    Also, if the Body of Christ would all truly desire to be peacemakers, many things could be avoided down here on this earth.

    It so grieves me in the church all the division. Still I do realize we cant walk close with Every one.

    In this day and age, it disturbs me seeing so called Christians be so often mean to one another. God forbid. I despise jealousy as it has such an ugly head.

    Lets just always press on in truth and in Spirit in the Body of Christ. God bless.

  4. Mama, thanks for your fervent intercession & words of encouragement to me always. I have learned a lot from you & other vessels here on the platform. With the Lord on our sides, we will keep going after the one missing sheep(soul) who is so important to our God despite the already saved 99 ones. God protect you, your family, ministry & grant you more Grace. Thank you Mama.

  5. Hmmh? One pastor was preaching on the body, and I asked myself and God what I was. I have physically been a burden bearer (or donkey) and ‘spiritually’ in prayer. My life experiences and training as an artist, means that I ‘see things differently’ from others. I wondered if I was the appendix, to help digestion and fight infection? From childhood I have had to stand alone against the crowd, to the point of experiencing physical violence. I have had to stand alone against the crowd at church too. So I said to the Lord, why is it that I stand alone from the others in church, with my eyes turned in a slightly different direction. I looked at my hands and saw my thumb. The phrase ‘opposable thumb’ came to mind. I often seem to have to say to people to ‘get a grip’. Other versions of the passage above speak of parts of the body being treated with modesty, which is an idea we seem to have lost in the church – especially in the more ‘charismatic’ ones, which seem to think believers should all have the same personality and act in the same way.

    • Mhhh, your reply was a blessing to me. Whatever you are in the body of Christ you are very valuable and needed.

      Interesting about the ‘thumb’. If you pray further I believe the Holy Spirit will reveal if that is your member particularly or maybe an eye to see clearly?

      God bless you and we march on in unison as one!

      • In having a hidden disability, I am a more ‘feeble’ member. As such, I am very aware of when a part of the body is not working, as well as being conscious of His strength in my weakness. My disability makes me sensitive to the suffering of others. I have supported those with far greater disabilities than mine (physical burden bearer).  If you read in the bible, the Lord has a tender heart to those who are disabled and puts in instructions to ensure that they are treated with dignity and respect (honour). (Leviticus 19:14 Do not curse the deaf or put a stumbling block in front of the blind, but fear your God).
        The Lord cares for His people in physical and practical ways and teaches us how to.

        • Beautifully put, Mhhh. Again thank you for your input.

          May God’s grace abound more and more in your life. He sees your heart and each one of us.

          When we reach out and defend the disabled and infirmed,I believe it moves God’s heart for us.

          Hugs and blessings

  6. Hmmm! Mama Joyce, this question is directed at me too. I know most times I act as shoulders. Sometimes i get spiritually & physically weigh down by spending so much time on an individual. Thank you for your Holy spirit led explanation that not everyone is an assignment. Also, that we need spirit of discernment in this age in carrying out God’s primary tasks as shoulders. Very very insightful. More strength & anointing Mama.

    • Thank you Adams for sharing. You may very well be a shoulder as a member in the body of Christ?  You most assuredly are a blessing to me and many others too, I feel.
      Press on mighty warrior and always hear the battle cry. Sometimes as we know it is time to come out of battle to relax and regroup just a little bit with more divine strategy.

      Still as the Spirit of the Lord spoke to me some come out to refresh, and never get back to fighting the good fight of Faith. Oh for endurance and faithfulness till the very end. Victory is His, so Victory is ours! God bless you.

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