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What More Can Be Said to a Generation? — 2 Comments

  1. Yea if God reveals things to his prophets it is for a purpose. Example… PRAY, fast, so on. You don’t have to accept it as the unchangabable future. The present shapes the future and we have FREE WILL to make decisions IN THIS MOMENT which can change the course for the future.

  2. After reading HKP post for about 5 years.. I can be reading a post and tell who wrote it before I look at the bottom of the page and see the profile pic. Each prophet has a tale tell style.. Ken Dewey and Steve Hansen always predict a crazy catastrophe as well As Victoria West. The What the Lords saying is always encouraging.. what the Father says elequent vocabary.. ect. AND I noticed I,read the bible less and seek directly to hear His voice because of reading this as part of my Devotion. But no more. Im going to rely on my own personal intimate relationship with Jesus and listen and get back in the Bible and have my own quiet times and take this off my homepage.

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