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  1. “When you face Jesus, what will you say to Him if you are not doing any of these things?”

    Jesus clearly says that the Spirit of Truth shall lead one in to all truth.
    If scripture alone could lead into all truth the Spirit is not needed, because most people can ‘read’.
    He also says that His sheep hears His voice.
    Therefore shall no one do anything that is not commanded (not heard in the spirit) by His Spirit because the same way a soldier does not runs around and shoots at everything he sees, the same way the beleiver shall (eagerly) seek and wait upon the Lord for to recieve the commandment that shall confirm that he walks in God’s and not in his own will.
    Neither does a construction worker, just because he has read the building plan, take preconceptions about how to do and from that limited knowledge starts to build without waiting for the manager’s order.

    If doing what man says one ‘must’ do puts one in a real dangerous risk that one will not hear:

    “Well done, servant, good and faithful, over a few things thou wast faithful, over many things I will set thee, enter into the joy of thy lord Mat.25:21

    One of the things the believers must learn to stand against the coming days is Satan’s words,
    to them that they ‘should do SOMETHING’
    because the bible “says so”.

    Jesus gives a perfect example of the devil’s schemes when He is tempted by the devil who is using God’s own Word for to get Him to act.
    But this also teaches us that it is not only the Word spoken that is important, but the spirit behind the words.
    Therefore one must hear and not only read what God says.

    Anyway, blessings to the authour of the article.

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