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  1. when you look at the original antichrist Cain was the first, notice how after the discussion with God about his brother’s whereabouts the bible says that Cain went out from the presence of the Lord that day. We can see the Seth was born 100 yrs later and by Eves’s words you conclude that Seth was born through faith and loved being in the presence of God. We see these two lineages in genesis as when Able was killed it was a 1/3 part of mankind just like Heaven and the angles (just a thought). The presence that all the old testament saints speak of in Hebrews ll how they were able to hear God and move in faith-building arks, Ables blood crying from the ground and so on, all were looking forward to our day when Jesus would pay for sins and defeat the power of death the devil and make anyone who would ask Jesus in so clean and so new that the very Spirit(presence of the Lord)could dwell live in the man. This anointing is what makes the antichrist squirm and get seriously mad like cain even demons can t hold their peace both will be enraged and they will drag you out of the church and try to throw you off a cliff.

  2. Thank you. I’ve tried to reach out to pastors with questions to try and open them up to a possible correction, I can only pray that the Lord is working it out in them.

  3. 1 John 4:3 4:4
    And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God and this is that spirit of Antichrist whereof ye have heard that it should come and even now it is in the world.
    Ye are of God little children and have over come them because greater is he who is in you than he who is in the world.
    The above verse says Jesus Christ is come present tense and now lives in those who believe
    The true Antichrist is all those who don’t believe this. They are the false Christ or Antichrist something every one thinks is the real but is not. It is not the bogie man it is almost all the visible church. Even in the early church they could not accept Christ had come and was now their life. They kept looking for something they could touch God is invisible and now is our life.

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