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What The LORD is Saying Today — July 2022 — 4 Comments

  1. There’s good and bad about isolating.,right now God is isolating me like John on the Island of Patmos it depends on who isolating you.when God does it it’s great.. when we do it it’s a set-up for Satan for Self destruction so,so it depends it’s good and bad side of isolation my friend

  2. Devastated to say the least, he guidance as God has used her as a living vessel if his ti guide us sheep. What a wonderful shepherds heart and spirit she has the teachings of her anointing has saturated us all who grown as spiritual children and she will be missed. May God receive her in heaven as the good and faithful servant she was!

  3. So sad to hear this! Am an avid reader of the inspirational “what the Lord is saying today” published every first day of new month. God’s General Mama Bev will be greatly missed! May all her labours for God be rewarded in eternity. Father, grant her beloved soul eternal rest & comfort her family, ministry & all well wishers in Jesus name.

  4. This is heartbreaking. I am so sorry, and so sad for the family, friends and congregation. May God hold all of you in His loving arms, until you all see her again.

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