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What The LORD is Saying Today — November 2022 — 3 Comments

  1. YES. And Thank you for your reminder,Make sure my mind doesn’t trick me.
    And I CAN control dwelling on those thoughts .
    And I will be always aware of his schemes to trick me .

    Ya, Let’s write a new history with YOU ,Almighty God Amen!

  2. 求主显示我,将我的心轰炸出来内在的平静,外在却因信仰有智慧的把福音传开。清楚听到神的一句话,就传达它,好让人们因神的那句话点着人们心中的盼望而改变跟随基督耶稣。

    [ HKP : “Pray that the Lord will show me and bombard my heart with inner peace, but on the outside it will spread the gospel wisely because of faith. When you hear God’s word clearly, convey it so that people may change their followers of Christ Jesus because of God’s words that point to the hope in people’s hearts. amen Grasp width and length, height and depth together, and learn about the love of the Messiah beyond knowledge so you can be filled with the fullness of all that God has.” ]

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