What to do When Tempted?


Any negative thought, emotion, feeling, imagination or anything that does not give your spirit peace is an attack of Satan.  So what do you so?

Give it to Jesus to be LORD of it.  You do not need to name the actual sin and can say ”What I am feeling” or  “What I am thinking”  or something similar.

Then tell it to go to Jesus, in His Name,

Ask The Holy Spirit to take their place.

e.g.  In Jesus’ Name, I command what I am feeling to go to the Lord Jesus and to take everything it has done or is doing to me with you, and I ask you Holy Spirit to take their place.

If the attack is persistent then use the Five Steps** so you have deliverance in that area.

**See the: Deliverance Training Handout (PDF) (MS-Word):  A 9 page handout with the 5-Step guide and prayers you can pray by yourself for deliverance from demons, with advice to help you keep your deliverance.


~ Through Neville Salvetti

HKP logoNeville Salvetti is a deliverance minister and can be contacted via
The Web Pages of Neville Salvetti and at: salvettina@bigpond.com if you desire deliverance or to know how to do it.
Neville have been told to preach three things:
Deliverance   How to Hear The Holy Spirit   How to fight Satan
This is the need of the hour as it demonstrates The Kingdom of God, which is what attracts people to Jesus.

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