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What’s on Top Comes Down!  Part 3 — Clean Up! — 2 Comments

  1. Dear Beverly,
    Thank you so much for this powerful word from the LORD. I will be reading this over several times to absorb the revelation contained therein.

    After reading this I realized the LORD was speaking to me about the territory I work in and have continually prayed about: the public school. I have been praying for the deliverance and healing of all the children and their families. In my school there are a lot of behavior issues, family issues, special education needs. I ask nothing for myself in this matter. Only for all the children held captive by the enemy be freed and that those children are used to advance God’s Kingdom.
    Many blessings to you for sharing this.

    • Gabrielle, I understand very well praying for the students, their families, the school & its employees, having taught in the past. 

      There are so many hurting there who dont know the LORD.

      There are also those there under the influence of the enemy who desperately need help.

      The young ones you teach are so impressionable & easily led in most cases. They are so precious to the LORD.

      GOD BLESS YOU, for you truly have the heart of the LORD. He cherishes your words & work & songs with the little ones & you frequently have heavenly beings watching as visitors.

      You are truly the BELOVED OF THE LORD! 

      GOD BLESS YOU! Bev

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