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  1. Hi my name is Donny Chartrand from Canada and i just want to say that i really enjoy listening to Neville and Sadhu and their ministry and it lifts my spirit when i do and not to complain becuase i know there are brothers and sisters in Christ that have gone through or are going through heavy attacks from the enemy just as we have and are. The last ten years the enemy has robbed and stolen much from my wife and i and the worst was the loss of our son and in my weakness i let him get away with it and tried to do things on my own and of course kept ending up flat on my face and God would come and pick me back up again i really struggle in the flesh and and if you could remember us in your prayers as i really want a deeper realationship with our God and Saviour Jesus Christ. We dont attend church anymore because of so much division and strife was in the one we attended years ago but i have kept my faith with great struggle and only by the grace of God. please send me any new prophecies or keep me updated on your ministry as prophecy really interests me.

    • Dear Donny,
      Thanks for your testimony.
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      Blessings in Christ,

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