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When People are Jealous of You — 5 Comments

  1. There’s nothing to add to what you just expressed so beautifully. It’s “a right word fitly spoken.” Thank you for your frankness and humility. The cruelty can’t be understood. The murderous heart is in them, for sure. My fellow sufferer– God bless you.

  2. Your words (ALL) are either a reflection of or inspiration to my life.
    I shed tears at the end because not only have I met anyone that can relate but you(exist) and shared your experiences, which I can relate to all.
    I was actually Googling “why the anointing attracts evil spirits and attacks.
    I have suffered deep pain beyond human understanding, extreme adversities, frequent catastrophic experiences. People would actually crack jokes about not understanding how I’m still walking the earth.
    I want to give in at times but cant no matter what I endure. I wondered was God keeping me around because my ears listen to everyone’s issues and my heart grieves for many.
    I use to ask myself the same question as to why someone with riches would despise someone with only 2 pennies to rub together.
    I have been hated by many I have encouraged and prayed for overnight.
    Just today, had to cut someone loose that was sowing gifts and smiles.
    Talked on phone with over 6 years about Jesus and life, but something I couldn’t see kept nagging me in my spirit about this minister.
    I discerned evil,but there was no behavior,words or conduct displaying it.
    After 6 years, this minister came to visit me at my residence. After we prayed an evil spirit started smothering and suffocating me.
    She had already left.  I let her know. It would attack me while worshipping, praying or sleep. Then disappear in church.
    After this, we rarely talked but when we did she sounded just like me. Very strange….
    I stayed out of the vicinity of any building called “church”for a while. I returned and ended up in a place where no one speaks good English, except one, but I understood many songs they were singing.
    Its obvious, I don’t look as though I belong there, but the Spirit led me there.
    It was there I realized I had a gift in healing. I knew about the anointing on my life because I’ve discerned years ago& heard it for so long but was always rejected or attacked so I would leave churches never knowing the plot of Satan to abort Gods divine plan in my life due to hurt.
    But once I decided to follow Jesus wholeheartedly and let the Spirit lead me by staying connected to God instead of people, He began to lead me into so many places of unfamiliarity so His gift can work where those who belief.
    Prophets or anointed vessels chosen are not received in familiar territory,but where the Spirit leads by Faith and you hear and focus on none but God.
    Thank you so much for being an inspiration and sharing this.
    It has touched me deeply and may you be blessed beyond measure.
    In Jesus’ name.

  3. Woohoo! Awesome. Bullseye! Thanks brother Robert. You’re absolutely 101 Correct. Love it. I fully understand what you’re talking about cause I’ve gone through the same experience. Those type of people are like white washed tombs. Pretty on the outside, DEADLY on the inside.

  4. This spoke to me in so many ways and truly touched my heart while I was Reading each word.  I too have experienced this form of cruelty but I also learned valuable and life changing lessons from it.  Bless you for sharing and revealing wisdom in your story.

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