When The Tables Turn


It seems that many are beginning to realize, that this is a time of all times.  After much pain, sorrow and suffering, we are starting to understand, that as difficult and hard as it has been, it was all part of God’s plan.  It’s taken me years to even begin to accept that.  You see, I can talk to God; I can be honest and open with Him.  He doesn’t have to rain down fire and brimstone, because I don’t understand something.  Or when I feel I have made my last step and can go no further, and I tell Him so.

For such a time as this….  Many of us are holding on to this passage.  We know we have been brought here for a reason, and we have been in preparation, for a very long time.  But do we really know what caused this terrible ordeal that those people went through.  It was this: “And when Haman saw that Mordecai bowed not, nor did him reverence, then was Haman full of wrath,”  Esther 3:5.  You see, “He stood not up, nor moved for him,”  Esther 5:9.  Is a picture beginning to develop here?  When everyone jumped up and bowed, this man, just sat there.

The injured party, had so much.  He was the right-hand man to the King.  He had been given favors and promotions and honor; he was very rich.  Yet, it all meant nothing, because one man would not bow down to him.  He had just been humiliated, because honor and exaltation, was given to another; he thought it should have been given to him.  The decision was made, that the best thing to do about this thorn in his side, was to have the guy hanged, as quickly as possible.  But his evil and wicked heart, was found out.

God knows, what has been done to His people; and He knows who did it.  You see, some of us, had to go.  The Spirit, had sent special oracles from a higher realm, to encourage us to seek and desire gifts; so we did.  You don’t have to ask today, why so many had done everything they could, to suppress the working of the Spirit, and His gifts.  Suddenly, once more, people begin to see things, no one wanted them to see.  A one man show, simply can not have anyone, showing them up.  Again, somebody had to go.

The tables turned on Haman; and in the fear of the Lord, they are going to turn on those who helped drive out so many people.  It started happening even a long time back now; but it is going to increase intensely.  There was a prophesy given to many of us years back now, in one of our groups.  It said, “anyone who gets in the way of God restoring full apostolic power and demonstration in the Church, is going to incur His wrath.”   It did not happen right away.  The suppression and driving out, continued.  But if that prophecy was truly of God, and it was, it will now come to pass.

It’s almost impossible to believe, that some of us still have that harsh edge to us.  It has not been ironed out yet.  Even now, we do not see, that we were taught certain behaviors, most of our lives; even from childhood.

You see it on here [Facebook]; you read it.  It is going to take more trouble, more correction and more noses in the dirt.  There is about to be, a Spirit of correction, that is going to drift across the Church; much will be revealed, that has been hidden.

If I do not remain humble, those same tables, will be turned back upon me.  I don’t know about you.  I simply, cannot let that happen.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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